2 Chainz Pink Trap House Reopens This Time With A Little Scare

Not only was 2 Chainz’s last mixtape, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music a masterpiece with some bangers and notable collaborations, we all remember the pink trap house 2 Chainz used to promote his mixtape. The house in Georgia became an outstanding landmark with fans including celebrities, stopping by to take pictures of the place.

We were all saddened we didn’t get a chance to visit the place before the lease was up on the place. The Pink Traphouse also served as a benefit in the community, it was used a free HIV testing clinic and church for a one tile service. Fear not though The Pink Trap House is returning this time for Halloween. The Pink Trap House will offer visitors an experience that will feature some of the most iconic scenes in urban classic films of the 80s and 90s.

There will be three phases of the experience, the first phase will feature a good ol’ traditional haunted house experience, along with an urban legend twist. The next phase is a zombie-filled killing round with custom artillery. And for the third and final phase, attendees will be put through the ultimate test: being blindfolded. For the grand finale, guests are left to rely on sound and touch to complete the maze of rooms.

The Haunted Pink Trap House opens today and closes on 11th November. So if you are in Georgia town stop by and send us pics.