5 songs that brought us Amelia Payne’s ‘My Escape’

Today Amelia Payne releases her anticipated debut EP ‘My Escape’, available to stream and buy now. The EP features her catchy debut single ‘Down’ and empowering follow up ‘The Battle’, which both received critical acclaim. Co-written by Amelia herself, ‘My Escape’ EP showcases the emergence of a dynamic and remarkable artist with a budding future.

Amelia took some time out to talk about discovering her singing talent at a young age, appearing on Bajan TV and radio at just the age of 13. Read on to see why Amelia Payne is “one to watch” this year.

Your latest track “The Battle” is a song about empowerment and standing up for yourself. What song best describes your motto in life?

Run The World (Girls) – Beyoncé

I think this is such an empowering song and I think girl power is so underrated sometimes. Women truly have the power to do anything if we just believe and put our minds to it!

You grew up in Barbados, lived in Miami and now you are here in London studying. What’s the song that best describes the London lifestyle for you? 

Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean & Migos

I think London is such a go with the flow kind of city and I think this song embodies that… there are so many many places to go to and new things to experience every day whether it be at day or night. The city lifestyle is always exciting!

You’ve been writing since you were 13. What song would you say best describes a songwriting process? 

Nights – Frank Ocean

I love songs like ‘Nights’ because they really show the different aspects of songwriting. It doesn’t always have to be the generic songwriting process of verse, pre-chorus, chorus etc. ‘Nights’ has many different aspects to it and Frank Ocean shows that by incorporating a part two of the track. It helps to show that songwriting has no rules and it really depends on what you want to portray as the artist.


Who is the artist that you have always looked up to and what is your favourite song from them?

My all-time favourite artist would have to be Beyoncé. I think she’s such an amazing role model for any aspiring female artist when it comes to hard work, drive and complete dedication to your craft and career in the industry.

To pick my favourite song from her would be impossible but I think my top three would have to be (in no particular order)

Pray You Catch Me 

I Miss You

If I Were A Boy

You have your debut EP out now. What song would you say best describes the experience you have had working on it? 

CRZY – Kehlani

I can definitely say that creating this EP and with making music in general with any artist, you’re bound to experience many different “crazy” emotions and I think Kehlani helps to show that with this song, especially with the line “everything I do, I do it with a passion”, that it’s all a crazy process. With that being said, it’s all worth it because it’s your passion you’re pursuing and sharing with the world and at the end of the day you put your all into that project. I think this song helps everyone else to feel a bit of that passion but also the joy and excitement it was to create my EP in general.



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