Adam French And The Playlist You Would Love To Listen To

Adam French is one of the artists we are excited to see reach the masses this year, his music is raw and authentic, Adam is an artist who makes music with value.Ahead of his two headline shows in London and Manchester, Adam French talk us through a playlist featuring the music that influenced his EP ‘Weightless’ and go to karaoke song. 

What is the one song by another artist that you would use, to sum up ‘Weightless’ ? 

Hopefully none, but maybe ‘Jump In The Pool’ by Friendly Fires… so good.

What is the one song that describes the process of putting together ‘Weightless’ ?

Full circle by Half Moon Run, you sometimes revisit a song over and over again before the penny drops and things finally click into place. A bit like Ikea furniture but more enjoyable.

The song that describes your hometown, Congleton?

Youth by Daughter, fond memories of that town… it’ll always be home.

The song that describes how you want your fans to feel after coming along to your headline shows?

Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John.. if everyone could just walk out whistling in a generally decent mood then I’ve done my job… Some of my songs are pretty dark though so we’ll see.

What is the one song that you wish you could have made?

Videotape by Radiohead…

Your go-to karaoke song?

Downtown by Majical Cloudz.. LOVE, and a few G + Ts I really LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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