6 Years of Soulection and why independent labels matter now more than ever

Soulection celebrate their 6 year anniversary this month in Los Angeles, CA, where the brand was birthed.

Soulection describe themselves as a global platform moving culture. With music as their core existence, Soulection are providing a much needed platform for artists to reach out to their fans in a different way. Soulection are reminding us why independent record labels such as themselves are becoming more and more valuable in this day and age.

The Soulection set up consists of Music Producers and DJs with a record label framework releasing remixes and original tracks through various platforms including Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio. With a such format of people who are passionate about music, art and culture,  fans are better served with authentic content created with them in mind rather than uninspired material released for ratings or dollars.

In the six years Soulection have been around, the gang have managed to build up a loyal fanbase with a huge following from a long list of countries. Perhaps one of the main reasons they have managed to create such a fast growing brand, besides the aesthetic of the brand, is the fact that most of their releases are free to their listeners, making their art more accessible.

Soulection have created a brand that the eclectic ones among us wish to follow. With a clothing brand, an internet TV channel, frequent events in different cities around the world, this is the ultimate story of the underdog coming out on top. Independent brands/collectives such as Soulection are here to stay not only because they freedom to express and create with no bounds but because the art is cultivated around the trendsetters of the world.

Tickets to the Soulection 6th anniversary party on 28th January are available here