A Breakdown of Daniel Briskin In Five Songs

It is very rare to find a young artist who has a vision for what he wants and takes full creative control over his music and image. Daniel Briskin is that young artist doing just that. As well juggling his studies at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), the 17-year-old has recently released his latest single ‘Come With Me’. After listening to Daniel’s latest track we were intrigued to find out more about his musical influences.

You are indeed a multi-talented artist who learnt to play the piano at 8 and now the guitar. What is the one song you wish you could have produced?

Childish Gambino – Redbone 

I genuinely think that this song is amazing. The way that Childish Gambino and Ludwig Goransson put it together is something special. I think that the song will go on to be timeless

As a young artist, there can be a lot of pressure for you in the music industry, what is the one song that sums up your experience within the industry so far?

I Am Kloot – No Fear Of Falling

There is a sort of preconceived idea that when you’re entering this world you are entering a somewhat toxic environment where people are out to hurt you. I feel like because of this young artists like me walk in with that mentality, but the truth is that it’s becoming more transparent. Reputation is everything in this industry and I feel like the vast majority of people won’t look to screw you over for a quick payday. I feel like it’s because of this that you need to walk in with no fear of falling.

What is your favourite song by your favourite artist?

Frank Ocean – White Ferrari

White Ferrari is such a beautiful song, it feels so intimate and true to who Frank Ocean is as an artist. The way he uses his falsetto really draws the listener into feeling like he’s in the room with them.

What song can you use to describe your latest track ‘Come With Me’?

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I mean, whilst I was making it, I was just having a good time. Like, it’s a fun song so why would you not wanna dance with somebody?


When people think ‘Daniel Briskin’ what song do you think comes to their minds to describe you?

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

I think the lyrics on the song in question reflect an ideology where elitism, classism, sexism, racism and all hatred are stripped away and everyone can be put in the same position. Although I don’t feel that this song represents a sense of freedom, I do feel like it puts everything into perspective. The pink moon can be interpreted in so many different ways, but in context of the question I see it as no matter what happens to me, I want whoever follows me or listens to my music to know that I am just a person like them.


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