A Cool Day in Manchester

I am from Manchester and I’m sad that people STILL don’t know how great this city is. So, this is your guide for a fantastic, wonderful, interesting day out, in my hometown. If you follow this list (or at least part of it) I guarantee you ‘a cool day in Manchester’.

Pot Kettle Black

PKB is a specialised coffee and brunch place based in the Barton Arcade, a beautiful indoor space, which is host to a wealth of businesses and venues. The coffee here is AWESOME, and apparently, the Baristas are amongst the best around (according to their website – but also according to a taste test by me), and it’s not even that expensive (£2.80 for a flat white!) They also have a tempting breakfast and lunch menu, or brunch menu if you prefer, with, vegan options, gluten-free options and some unhealthy options. It’s a beautiful space, with friendly helpful staff, and would be a great way to begin your day in Manchester! (The cakes are also insane).

Unit 14, Barton Arcade, Manchester, M3 2BW


Championing innovation, HOME showcases the very best in contemporary and classic cinema, an exciting and eclectic mix of plays and shows, and experimental, provocative art exhibitions. There is also a great café and bookshop onsite. The ethos of HOME is that of exploration, appreciation, and independence. It is a place for independent artistic experimentation that gives a platform for new and established artists (I say the word in the most eclectic sense) and encourages creativity and freedom in their artistic process. HOME is an awesome place to discover new art and new experiences that will expand your perception of whatever artistic journey you decide to embark on.

 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN

Siam Smiles

Siam Smiles serves authentic Thai street food, in a Thai café, in a Thai supermarket, in the middle of Manchester’s China town. If you want a fancy eatery, then this is not the place. HOWEVER, great tasting, authentic Thai food, in the bizarre setting of a Thai supermarket for a really reasonable price, is what you’ll find. A quick mention for Hos bakery, a traditional, family run, Hong Kong style sweet and savoury patisserie, a few seconds walk, away from Siam Smiles if you have a sweet tooth, or just fancy a quick snack.

8A George Street, Manchester, M1 4HF

By Nicholas Barber

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