A Quick Coffee with New York Fashion Designer, John Byrd-Olivieri

We are always on the lookout for new, exciting fashion designers with something ingenious to offer. So, during our recent insta scroll session we bumped into the Byrd-Olivieri Atelier label (@byrdolivieriatelier) and we were even more thrilled when we could get some time with John Byrd- Olivieri, the New York Designer behind the brand to talk about back up plans, knowing what women want and the two ‘C’s’ and one ‘R’ you need for a sustainable career in fashion.

Demur: The Byrd-Olivieri brand epitomizes the true meaning of “individuality”. What does individuality mean to you?

John: Individuality, to me, is being unapologetically confident and allowing yourself to be in full creative control of expressing one self. Marching to your own beat and leading by example.

Demur: You have gained your experience through working with various tailors and seamstresses. What is the one thing you have learned about the fashion industry that no one ever told you?

John: I am grateful to have worked with and trained under some of the best seamstress and tailors in New York. I can honestly say that I have learned a few great lessons thus far. The first is to always be open to trying out new techniques and listen to advice from others more experienced. It’s very rare that people mentor or share their skill set with others. The second would be the importance of image and how big of a role image plays in this industry and your career in general.

Demur: Was there ever a backup plan for you if the fashion thing didn’t work out?

John: Throughout my life, I have always dreamed about a life in fashion. I couldn’t see myself doing anything with my life other than living a life immersed in fashion. It really is the only thing that I am good at and truly understand.

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