A Time & Place – A Playlist That Tells The Life & Times of Luvian

With his new EP ‘A Time & Place’ now on pre-release, we spoke to British artist Luvian about significant events in his life and the music that brings all the memories flooding back. Going back to starting Uni, to becoming ‘Luvian’, here are the songs that have defined some of the most significant times for him, including one of his own (which might be a little cheeky, but we will let it slip because it’s a banger) – Luvian’s eagerly-awaited second EP is due out later this year.

University: Djrum – Obsession

When I moved down to study music in Brighton from Leeds I wanted to try the club culture down there. Immediately the music I was exposed to was so much more varied, experimental and just as I was coming into my own style as a producer I heard this song. It was just as much a mesmerising experience then, as it is listening to it now. I was hugely influenced by the level of detailed percussion in it. There seems to be so much going on yet nothing ever clashes. Luckily for me now being back up North, Leeds has caught up!!! Too many feels with this one………

Playing at Gottwood: Evenings – Babe (Shigeto Remix)

I played at Gottwood 2013 and it turned out to be my first ever live show. I was supposed to be on at 7pm but ended up closing the Saturday night on the Eton Messy stage after Maribou State. I had this tune towards the end of my set as I literally did not have enough material on me at the time to play an hour’s worth of my instrumentals. I remember working this song into my set and looking up and seeing everyone at the front either on another planet or deeply vibing with the whole set. When this song comes on shuffle I still think of that set. The pre overwhelming nerves vs. the overwhelming rush afterwards.

 Vinyl Player: Synkro – Memories Of Love

At uni I remember heading down to Rare Kind records in Brighton. I’d just bought a vinyl player and set it up. Rare Kind mainly specialise towards the more beats/hip hop world music end, but upstairs (I forget the name) there was a small room supplying house/electronic music. I was already a big fan of Synkro, his music has so much emotion in it, plus he’s a northerner!! I used to live on the beach front and I remember sticking this on with a few friends and looking out over the beach with the track on. It was a great first experience of vinyl. The tune became a soundtrack to so many chilled times. The name’s appropriate here……

Iceland: Real Estate – Green Aisles

 A couple of years ago I went travelling around one half of Iceland with my girlfriend. We were hiring a car and going to try and go and see as many of the sights as possible. Beforehand, I made a few playlists with enough tracks on there to get us round! I think I must have played this a hundred times. The roads were so empty. We went in Winter but luckily the weather was amazing. It was empty. The freedom of being able to drive anywhere and not see anyone, mixed with the amazing landscape was really special. I desperately want to go back. This song and the album from Real Estate became part of the whole holiday. Such a nostalgic tune for me…… Perfect road-trip music.

Luvian’s Beginning: Luvian – Valley Girl

 Well, this tune really for me was the start of the project I’m still pushing now. I had made tracks before and they had done fairly well. I remember finishing this one night after uni probably around 1 am. I put it up on Soundcloud and went to bed. I remember checking in the morning and it had had something like 5000 plays overnight. It then got uploaded by Majestic Casual who were relatively small back then. This was so amazing to me and massively inspired me to make more. This track embodies for me a really happy time in Brighton when I was blissfully unaware of what constituted the ‘music business’, labels, marketing, business, contracts etc. I think as a person I’m one to overthink. They say ignorance is bliss…. I’m trying to get back to this mindset now and create as freely as I did then. I’m getting there….

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