A Zit Down with The Fame Riot

The Fame Riot are a fashionable, gender-fluid alt-pop duo of two brothers who have a sturdy taste in art and music. Their current single “Heart Stray” is burning up the airwaves all over the US. The two boys Liz Scarlett and Shazam “Tea Time” Watkins were raised by Minister parents and the music they were exposed to was quite different to the music they make now. Liz and Shazam began listening to “non-spiritual” music in secret and from then on started to create the music they wanted to hear.

You seem like a rebellious lot. What’s with the name The Fame Riot?

Liz:​ THE FAME RIOT waz a name we choze to visually express our energy and style. The Fame leanz more towardz our glamorous fashion sense and flamboyant nature and the Riot iz defining the energy we like to create and share with fanz during live shows.

​Shazam:​ It’s less of a name, and more like an event of royal proportions. We are the channelers of this energy on stage. It has more to do with the audience than it has to do with us. Our FREEKZ (our fan family) make THE FAME RIOT sparkle, spiritually and aesthetically. So when you come to one of our shows, you come to be a part of a gathering of riotous splendour complete with dope tunes and magnificent individuals.

If you could be any piece of fashion item, what item would you be and why?

​Liz:​ I would be a vintage crocodile skin trench coat with a rabbit fur collar, to express my inner lizard, and dominance over other creaturez.

​Shazam:​ A cape. My smooth skin would make a fine pelt for a budding glam warrior.

You two are brothers and also work together. How do you solve any disputes that you may have, so that you can continue working together?

We beat the snot out of each other until the other givez in, and then we hug, make up, and share a holy kiss.

​Shazam:​ We settle it right on stage dontchaknow, wot wot? Other to other. Bloke to bloke. Ze to ze. Bally well sends the crowd into hysterics. 

What is your latest track “Heart Stray” all about?

It’z mainly about hanging in there when thingz appear hopeless. I see it touching on doomed love or something of that nature. I don’t know, really- I write my songz from several perspectivez, allowing the listener to self-interpret any precise meaning. I like it that way, it keepz thingz interesting!

​Shazam:​ Stepping into your confidence mansion and having a party with your bestest friends Lemmebemyself and WhoCaresWhatAnyoneThinks. LOVE!

You guys are up and down touring and you seem like a lively bunch to hang out with. What has been your wildest experience so far?

Mhmm, we don’t bite! Dang, tough question. I would say that our last tour waz pretty wild. We drove around the entire country for a month and a half! You can’t even begin to imagine the diversitiez of what we saw.hahah

​Shazam:​ Our wildest experience so far… was when we opened our mouths and bit into a Philly cheese steak, after spending the day with a bum, seeing historical sites, and playing a live set on iHeartRadio in Philadelphia!

Where can we keep up to date with you guys?


You can follow us on Instagram(@thefameriot), Snapchat(thefameriot), Twitter(@thefameriot), @shazamwatkins
@liz__scarlett, Facebook, and Spotify! Also peep our website: www.THEFAMERIOT.com