Agnes Cazin Serving Us Some Supershero Energy With Her Agency Haiti73

Agnes Cazin is a force to be reckoned with. Through her creative marketing and PR agency, Haiti 73, Agnes sure is making an impact in the creative world. Her list of previous clients includes L’Oreal, Paco Rabanne and The Noisettes to name a few. When she is not dropping some gems of wisdom through her H73 podcast, Agnes is helping her clients grow their various brands through content production, project management, and creative direction. It may sound like Agnes has got a lot on her plate and to some, the first thought would be to crumble but Agnes in her supershero demeanour talks us through how she does it all.

You discuss a lot of interesting topics on your podcast.  Recently you delved into the issue of diversity and representation in fashion. Do you think the industry is making progress or is there still a long way to go?

I think the mass market industry, is behind and has very little to no choice but to try to catch up with what is actually going on. Trends used to be born on the streets, now movement and revendication are made online, and with a platform like Instagram, traditional fashion groups and institutions have to take this into account if they want to keep selling clothes and reaching their audiences.

Are they relevant? or do they just follow the trends? This demand for equality comes directly from the people. Therefore, we are progressing, or at least we are fighting for it, thanks to an organisation such as the Fashion Roundtable, founded by Tamara Cincik that have been featured on my Fashion & Business podcast.

 How do you choose the clients the agency works with and how do you ensure their visions are seen clearly by their audiences?

When I started the agency as a “pay as you go Artist Agent,” I looked for talent, & potential. Now that I have been established for 10 years and worked in fashion and advertising related industries, I am lucky as clients contact me directly, but I guess what drives me is MY DIGNITY, TALENTS, CHALLENGES, EXCITEMENT, FREEDOM and my TEAM.

Like I always say no matter your personality, your opinions, the budget or how you feel about a client or project, your execution needs to be at it’s very best, be consistent with it, document it, make sure you get your credit, because it is your testimony, at some point people will take notice, and you will be able to pick and choose who you want to work with. 

The Haiti 73 Agency does Marketing, Digital and Event Curation. How do you juggle all three?

I have no clue, you need to ask my son, he would probably say that I am always on the phone and that I talk too much when we should really be playing Minecraft.

The reason would probably be that I love what I do, I really do, I would not do anything else but also over the years I have managed to evolve, to bend not to break, I morphed into what the market needed, and above all, I know how to say NO. Teamwork is essential, nobody can make it by themselves. Delegation is also key. 

Photo by Maud Caillet

 What has been the most fulfilling project that you have worked on so far?

From working with Paco Rabanne, Loreal Paris, Afro Hair & Beauty or Shingai Shoniwa, I loved them all. The projects where I can learn new skills are the best, they are a little challenging, but they are the ones that make you grow. I get asked quite a lot: ‘Agnes, what do you do?’ I actually never know what to say, because in the past I have been an artist agent, a brand manager, a curator, a producer, a creative director. Having done all this, I think the real question is, what will I do tomorrow, what would be the ultimate project! A mix of Marketing Strategy, Content Curation and Event Management in industries such as cosmetics, hospitality, food, tech, TV and of course fashion.

What are some of the thing that you don’t like about your work that are part and parcel of what you do?

Mediocrity, traveling away from Kingtaino, my son and clients that don’t pay. 

 If you had to give a piece of advice to someone starting a creative career what would it be?

Have a plan A, have a plan B, have a strategy, network, show your work to as many people as possible, find a mentor.

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