All that weird behaviour, Zkeletonz say ‘Don’t Cover It Up’

As Zkeletonz officially release their single today ‘Don’t Cover It Up’ the lads took some time to tell us some of the things they would rather cover up.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you have ever done and what did you do to cover it up?

One of us pooed on a friend’s sofa and blamed their cat. Due to size discrepancies, the penny soon dropped.

Moving on swiftly, what are some of your guilty pleasures?

Choreographed cheerleading in unison with pom poms from the pound shop. Dressing like it’s Halloween all year around. 1990s bubblegum pop music. Eastenders. Energy drinks. Obtuse and obscure math rock and metalcore.

But we don’t really believe in feeling guilty about pleasures! Why should you? Provided you don’t hurt anyone, it’s all cool. That’s what our songs are about. Respecting others and loving life.

Who is the cringiest one out of all three of you?

Gav, our singer, probably, as he’s partial to a few mirror selfies, and writing things IN CAPITAL LETTERS. In general, though, we’re immune from that. These bones don’t cringe.

Who is ‘Don’t Cover It Up’ about, what was the inspiration behind it?

It’s for everybody who has ever felt out of place at a party. Or under pressure to behave a certain way. We believe in spreading positivity and playfulness. So, there’s a little bit of role-playing in there too. We share techniques you can use to overcome awkward moments, like secretly imagining you’re a superhero or secret agent. Your neighbourhood, college or workplace’s very own answer to James Bond or Jessica Jones. But only if you enjoy that kind of thing of course. Above all, be yourself!

‘Don’t Cover It Up’ is out now and available on Spotify