Amazing Bars To Drink At And Post On Your Social Media

If you need ideas on what to add to your bucket list or just a really cool setting to record that Snapchat story that will turn heads, these are some of the coolest bars around the world to check out. From drinks at the edge of a cliff to getting pissed at Disneyland, you must make an effort to go to one of these bars.

Club 33, Disneyland, California.

This is for the big kids exploring Disneyland, or should we say the rick kids. This exclusive secretive restaurant is the only place that serves alcohol at the Disney park and it’s only open to members who pay a £17,000 initiation fee to join, followed by a £7,000 annual membership fee. Should you not have a membership you can ask one of your other rich friends who might already have a membership if they will book a table for you. Memberships are limited to about 500 and there is a 14-year waiting list to join, which I suppose gives you time to save up for the membership costs. Forget that house deposit you are working on, Disney is the happiest place to be and you want to be happy right?

Sunland Boab Tree Bar in Limpopo, South Africa

What better way is there to be at one with nature than drinking inside a tree? Sunland Boab is one of the oldest African trees and it is thought to be around 1,060 years old and what’s more, there is a bar inside it! The bar is fitted inside the massive hollow trunk of the tree with seats and a music system and a 13-foot-high ceiling. The tree also has a wine cellar in its second hollow which remains at 22 degrees due to the tree’s natural air outlets.  The tree can only hold 15 people at a time. We are not certain if the bar is still open, but the tree still stands as a tourist attraction.

Buza Bar, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Known as the ‘hole in the wall’ or ‘cold drinks’ bar, Buza is located on the seaside of the City Walls of Dubrovnik making it a little hard to find. Don’t go there if you have a weak bladder and can’t hold your liquids. There is no toilet at the bar or any running water. If you are the brave adrenaline pumped type, you will find the perfect cliffs for diving at this bar, although we wouldn’t recommend it if you are a little pissed and especially not trained for it. So, if you can’t dive off a cliff you can just take a swim in the Adriatic sea. Making your way to the bar the streets may look familiar to you, that’s because some of the nearby streets were used in the popular tv series ‘Game of Thrones’

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