Bat and Ball talk sibling squabbles and fetish dungeons in Camberwell

Bat & Ball an emerging indie band, is a unification of brother and sister Chris and Abi Sinclair, along with three other members Harri Chambers, Teo Garfath Gibelin, Ben Penfold who they met at uni. We caught up with Chris and Abi to talk about how the two siblings get over their disagreements and shooting videos in fetish dungeons.

You guys are brother and sister, do you have any sort of disagreements when working on your music and if so, how do you get through them?

The brother / sister dynamic is endlessly strong. There have been no major disagreements so far – nothing that stained in our minds. We are synchronised and cope well under pressure together. When we write songs, there’s an intuitive understanding; that comes from being close siblings. The whole band is a family, really. If we argue, we thrash it out then hug.

You met the rest of the band whilst studying at Goldsmiths University, when did you decide you wanted to do this seriously rather than just something to pass time at uni with friends?

Things came into focus once University was done and dusted. Post-uni can be a bleak and uncertain time. But we stayed on track because we loved what we were doing and were excited for what was to come. We’ve always wanted to live and be alive. It wasn’t a conscious decision to be ‘serious’ – we’ve always taken what we do seriously.

The visuals to your latest track “Be Mine” have a dark and sultry tone to them. Who came up with the idea for these visuals and what message were you trying to portray?

“Be Mine” is an exploration of objectification and unhealthy love. We wanted to make people feel uneasy. It was always our vision to make something dark and oppressive to get our message across. Some of it was planned, but most of the atmosphere came through the chaos and unpredictability of the filming conditions. Having no budget to hire a film studio, we filmed in a fetish dungeon that we’d heard about from a friend. On the shoot day it was 30 degrees outside, but we filmed in the dark continuously for 12 hours in the dark. It was brutal and beautiful in equal measure.

What do you want people to think or feel when they hear your music?

Our songs are sculpted – rich with weird noises and layers of accidents. We want people to hear something angry, anxious and fleshy – all at the same time.

What can we expect in 2017 from you guys?

We’ve been collaborating with an artist from Singapore who creates the most intricate and mesmerising films. She gives us butterflies – so we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.

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