Bernard David Jones Is Best Friend’s With The Mayor Of Fort Grey

The Mayor hit American tv screens just last month and it seems to be the show that is on everyone’s lips, even over here in the UK. One of the characters who has stood out for us is, Bernard David Jones who brings refined humour to the ABC series.  Bernard David Jones has been up and down all over the US states ever since he realised from a young age his dream of performing for a living.

The new ABC comedy revolves around young rapper ‘Courtney Rose’ (Brandon Michael Hall), who has toiled for years in a small inner-city apartment making his music while looking for his big break. Tired of waiting for the opportunity, Courtney cooks up the publicity stunt of the century: Running for mayor of his hometown in California to generate buzz for his music career. Unfortunately for Courtney, his master plan goes wildly awry, ending in the most terrifying of outcomes: an election victory. With the help of his mother (Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown) and best friends ‘Jermaine Leforge’ (Bernard David Jones) and ‘T.K. Carter’ (Marcel Spears), as well as rival foe turned allied partner ‘Valentina’ (Glee’s Lea Michele), Courtney will have to overcome his hubris if he wants to transform the struggling city he loves.

You got your first major break singing backup for Lyfe Jennings. Why did you make the transition from music to acting?

I loved being on tour with Lyfe Jennings, and being able to perform in front of so many people that loved him and his music. Growing up, we trained in everything, so the transition felt more like exercising a different muscle group. I come from theatre/musical theatre world, so I was excited to switch over to acting.

Images by Andre L Perry

What was it about your character in ‘The Mayor’ that appealed to you and made you take it on?

I play Jermaine Leforge. He’s fun, energetic, but above all, he loves his friends and family. That was what I gravitated towards. Our show, in general, is full of hope and love. It’s special because you get to see three young black men lifting each other up and taking on the responsibility of public service. I love that these guys are exploring what it looks like for leaders, who have a heart for people, to govern. It’s very exciting.

What role in any movie or TV show do you wish you could have played and why?

I see so many movies and TV shows that have characters that I wish I could’ve played. I wish I could’ve played MARTIN in MARTIN, or WILL in FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR. Those were the two comedic roles that showed me that I could be on TV one day. Plus, they were both comedic geniuses. Those two characters will live on forever.

 You are also an accomplished Photographer. How many selfies do you have on your phone?

1, 2 ,3 ,4…Yea its crazy. I’m just gonna stop counting. At least 1000.

If you could be any fashion item, what item would you be and why?

I would be a very comfortable high-end bath robe. I get to hug people all day. lol Or, a nice piece of jewellery. I’d like to compliment every outfit.

What can we expect from ‘The Mayor’ as the show progresses?

You may or may not see more of our characters flexing their musical abilities. We have some amazing guest stars coming up. We’re going to continue to talk about issues that affect our communities, and we’re going to continue to bring the funny!

The Mayor is executive produced by Tony winner Daveed Diggs (Broadway’s “Hamilton”), Jamie Tarses (Happy Endings), written and executive produced by Jeremy Bronson (The Mindy Project, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), with the pilot directed by Executive Producer James Griffiths (black-ish).