Bianca Li, Tilda Swinton & Nick Cave for ICCARRE

Choreographer Bianca Li teamed up with Tilda Swinton to compile a short film to raise awareness to the work undertaken by ICCARRE an organisation working to reduce the medication taken by HIV/AIDS patients thus improving their lives. The music provided by Nick Cave provided an emotional background to the track.

You can read more ICCARRE’s work here.


Bianca Li Director and Choreography

Tilda Swinton

and 4 dancers from the company Bianca Li
Slate Hemedi Alexandra Jezouin Julien Gaillac, Joseph Gebrael

Special Thanks to Nick Cave
for the music “Love Letter”

Jerry Stafford Creative Director
Susan Lu Wardrobe
Nounzio Carbon Hair
Karim Rahman Makeup
Studio 134 Calentito Set
UTURN / First Time Production Company
Elisabeth Fabri Executive Producer
Mario Battistel Editor
Saint Louis / First Time – Arcelin Louis Post Production
Christine Bergstrom Coordination

Thank you to all the people That made this movie possible,
Richard Cross / Association Friends of Iccarre