Big Beat Presents Big Beat Ignition: Paris

Record Label, Big Beat recently began a project called the Big Beat Ignition, where they delve into the music scene of cities around the world and find regionally relevant electronic music to distribute. Last year, they travelled to Amsterdam for their first edition. For their second compilation, Big Beat have gone to Paris, and without wasting time have found great gems. The Ignition: Paris compilation, comes with a 10-track visual series which follows the story-line of a group of spirited youths as they take on Paris from day to night. Produced and directed by Stephanie Varela, Derec Dunn and Katia Spivakova, the trio commissioned the visuals from New York.

Big Beat say; “The idea was to follow a group of friends during a night out, from getting ready to a night on the town.  We wanted to create a sincere and very intimate experience, away from the crowds. We looked for actors that were all friends in real life. We had a day to make ten videos happen, so there was no time for faking any kind of relationships. In fact, we wanted those to be as vague as possible, to keep the focus on the tracks and engage the audience in a different way, to put them in a sort of trance. The images needed to be abstract and capture some of the Parisian essence: seductive, magic and timeless. There was no plot other than “this is us, here, tonight”.

One of the artists featured on the compilation is, Get To Know with his track “About You”. A new comer soon to become a household name, down to his funky, subtle style. Get To Know’s style is simultaneously nostalgic and modern, the producer knows how to bring a record to life.  About the track he says “it was inspired by the 80s boogie, post disco vibe which infiltrates most of my music. With About You, I wanted to make something more clubby and darker with a breakdown which kept people guessing toying with them to build the tension.”

All tracks are exclusively available on this compilation which you can Buy/Stream Here

Full Tracklist :
1. Henri – Fine Day (feat. Anita Briem) (Henri’s Monstertooth Mix)
2. Benson Groove – String Ting
3. Ofenbach – Be Mine
4. Get To Know – About You
5. Stray Echo – Mad Day Out
6. Jynx – Night Shade
7. Club Cheval – Discipline
8. Kattison & Parx – Nodus
9. Applebottom – Dials
10. KENDL – Drive Slow