Bringing Back These Trends

Trends go around in circles, it’s a given fact and we just love to follow them. Missing the 80’s? No problem since fashion has taken a turn in the time machine. We look back at what we have worn in the past and cringed, and how some of these trends are back to haunt us. We’ve been seeing shoulder pads galore all around us, remember those? Thanks to Balmain, strong shoulders have been all the rage.

Whilst still on the topic of the 80’s, ruffles were a big hit but have been considered too girly or too dated for decades now. They’re back! We’re seeing ruffles resurface thanks to Balmain and Isabel Marant. A ruffle hem is never too girly.

What about the 70’s? Have you found a picture of your hip parents wearing those bootleg flares? Well, let’s recreate the moment. Bell-bottom jeans or as we know them as the bootleg flares are hitting the runway. Yes, these fancy 70’s style jeans have been worn by supermodels like Gigi and Bella Hadid. So much so they’ve made a hit back into our high street stores. Toronto based label Beaufille, known for their statement tailoring and artisanal touches showed us how to style flared trousers the ‘right’ way. Their 2018 collection features the flares in black leather, patent black and caramel, lime green and icy blue. Something tells me there’s more statement than style going on there.

We can’t forget the 90’s of course. Think your young emo phase ended, well the choker necklace has made a comeback. This has come a long way since its 90’s tattoo style version. Featuring ribbon, metal and velvet, the chokers have become more cutesy fashion than rock band chic.

Kim Kardashian showed us we can rock the old trends when she wore a vintage dress from Dior’s 1997 fall collection. So yes we can rock that pastel mini dress vibe.


by Emily Bone