Cardi B Inks Another Fashionable Deal With Reebok

Cardi B is the epitome of a hustler, from stripper to reality TV, to topping Billboard charts and now her third fashion collaboration. Following a partnership with Steve Madden and a clothing collaboration with Fashion Nova, Cardi B is putting the icing on the cake with a partnership with Reebok. Although details of the partnership are yet to be confirmed we can trust that Cardi B’s involvement is going to boost the brand’s status.

Reebok have partnered with plenty of female superstars in order to reach their ever growing female market. Co-collaborator Victoria Beckham said ‘sportswear has a long way to go to “be just as strong and powerful as the men’s product”, but the tired formula of “shrink it, pink it” for women just doesn’t wash any more.’

Speaking on the collaboration, Reebok said ‘Everything that you love about Cardi is what you love about Reebok. Reebok has a long-standing legacy of nonconformity, whether it’s creating the first workout shoe exclusively for women or putting bold-faced expletives and fresh-faced hip-hop stars in its big ad campaigns in the early ’00s.’

Check out Cardi’s Fashion Nova promo below