Chris Santos is Just Perfect

You might recognise Chris Santos from the Steven Soderbergh film ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ where he plays the role of Chris the live-in boyfriend of a high-end call girl in New York. Having developed a working relationship with Academy Award-winning Producer, Steven, the dream team are back again with another film ‘Perfect’ the movie that Chris pitched to Steven. ‘Perfect’ tells the story of a young man with a violent past as he enters a mysterious clinic where the patients wildly transform their bodies and minds using genetic engineering. Chris Santos is always hard at work over there in the hills of Hollywood. Whilst he is not working on bits and pieces to occupy your big and small screens, the adrenaline junkie can be seen practising his Muyai Thai (Thai boxing) and his rear naked choke moves (Brazilian jujitsu), fully clothed we hope. Chris took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his latest movie, how his job as a personal trainer got him back into acting and Tom Cruise playing his dad.

On his working relationship with Steven Soderbergh and pitching ‘Perfect’ to him…

Steven is great to work with. He is so laid back, easy going and yet super efficient. It’s like he sees the whole film in his mind already. He shoots during the day and cuts it at night. I’ve known him for a while now and yet I have never asked him to look at anything on my behalf. However, I just really believed that both Eddie (the director of Perfect) and Steven would connect on an artistic level. Also, I knew the film was truly something special. Looking back, it would have been a tragedy if I would have been not connected to them.

On preparing for his role in ‘Perfect’?

Well, my character’s name is S.T.R.I.P.S (Stanford Research Institute Problem Solver) which is a type of A.I (Artificial Intelligence). The writer Ted created my dialogue by cutting up pages of biblical books, throwing them in the air and then writing them down in no organized order. So, all of my dialogue was very difficult and proved to be a challenge delivering. With that said, I was very happy with the outcome.  

Chris almost didn’t pursue acting but…

My first film role was in Amongst Friends, which was such a great experience and I am still friends with the director Rob Weiss. I acted from the time I was 12-19 years old after which I left to pursue a career as a personal trainer. I really enjoyed helping people change their lives. After ten years of working in NYC, I moved to Los Angeles to be closer to my four brothers and sisters whom all had migrated to California. I decided to leave personal training and give acting another try. Shortly after that one of my very first clients, David Levien called to tell me how he had just gotten finished writing a film with Steven about a high-priced escort (which was The Girlfriend Experience). He went on to tell me that he had written her boyfriend as a personal…

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