Concerts Are Food For The Soul…For Real

If you are feeling guilty having just splurged on a really expensive concert ticket, don’t beat yourself up about it. According to science, going to a concert is good for you and you really mustn’t argue with science. Besides being able to tell your social media followers that you got to see the greatest entertainer in the world live, there are some perks to your health in going to a concert.

According to science, experiencing a live performance apparently raises feelings of wellbeing by 21 percent compared to other activities that you thought were bringing you happiness. I’m a big fan of concerts and when I saw this I didn’t have to think twice about buying my ticket to my next concert. Maybe it’s the excitement, the screaming, the shouting whatever it is you do when you go to a concert. Scientists say it all increases your mood and leaves you feeling all happy and giddy inside adding an extra nine years to your life, so yea that’s money well spent.

Studies have shown that music can reduce the production of stress hormones and the endorphins and neurotransmitters that are released in your body by this experience can block pain. So, science is telling us the reason you might be miserable is because you are just not going to enough concerts and you obviously need to do something about that.

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