Demur Bronzed Babe – June 2017

Dear Loyal Readers

We all have a responsibility to love and care for each other, not only when we are attacked but at all times.

I strongly believe, one day there will be enough positivity in the world, to outweigh the negative. In the meantime, we mourn the innocent lives we are constantly losing.

We are proud to be a media partner for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and to help us celebrate this positivity, we sat down with Society of Alumni, a group of young artists already working on their legacy. Straight from Lagos, Nigeria, Zurik Girl talk to us about making clothes in Nigeria and distributing in the US. Hassan Aliyu talks us through the first time he made money from his art and how he has made a career out of it lasting more than thirty years.

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Noreen Chada, Editor, @noreenchada

Noreen Chada – Editor

Kay Samuel- Editorial Assistant

Nicole Samoto – Social Editor

Alice Diamond- Staff Writer

Emily Bone – Staff Writer Intern

Stella Dzingai – Contributing Writer

Harrison Madzivachando – Creative Content Manager

Design & Art Direction – Dyznmax


Published by Demur Ltd


 Photographers: Alina Budina 
Makeup: Lola Chél
Hair: Lola Chél
Model: Lola Chél