Demur Decks 01.10.2018 by Digital Shades

This week we have Digital Shades, a collaborative electronic music project between John Kunkel (The New Division) and James Meays (Missing Words) taking over our Demur decks. What originally began as a mutual appreciation for synthpop and 80s melodics turned into a year-long effort of songwriting and fine-tuning of over two dozen songs.

Nao – Make It Out Alive

The soulfulness that mixes in between the beat and the vocals does something to us.

Fatoumata Diawara – Bonya

The chorus for this song is extremely catchy. The mix of Ska and rock is also not something we appreciate. Love the chord progression throughout the track.

Wovoka Gentle – 1,000 Opera Singers Working in Starbucks

This track reminds us of a lot of the music we’d listen to in our teenage years around 2001-2006. Really exciting to hear this mix of organic/indie/rock back in 2018.

Tom Walker – Angels

This track has a little bit of everything that works. A great vocal throughout, catchy hooks, and great instrumentation on the bass and drums that gets us ready to hear it again.

Redlight – Get Wavey

This song surprised us with its direction, but we ended up loving the overall feel and lo-fi aesthetics. Definitely, a fun song meant for the dance floors.

Jacob Plant – Amnesia (feat. James Newman)

A great piano house song that’s been produced insanely well. We are a sucker for Korg M1 baselines.

Metric – Now or Never Now

It’s exciting to hear Metric take on a new sonic signature and create something a bit more synth-pop oriented – right up our alley.

Little Simz – Boss

Amazing production, powerful vocals, and a fantastic baseline. Do we have to say anything more?

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