Demur Decks 03.12.2018 by Mia Seabrook

Derek Sallmann – Breakdown, Breakthrough

Reflecting on discovering hope within the darkest moments of chasing a dream, Sallmann has created magic in the realm of struggle. With incredibly smooth and soft harmonies, a charming melody and the occasional twinkle in the background, its hard not to love this new track; Plus, his vocals are really dreamy…

LENN – Riding shotgun

This song is literally written about what it is going to do to you, paradoxical right? The track is written with a loving reflection as LENN rides shotgun with her boyfriend, daydreaming out the window, contemplating how she feels about him over the soft glow of the evening traffic. If you’ve never had that cinematic feeling, we guarantee LENN will introduce it to you, and if you have, you know what we mean.

Club Paradise – Sugar

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ boy band? And for that matter, a very talented, fun, upbeat indie four-piece who are showing promising signs for the future? This is 3 minutes that are most definitely worth a listen and acting as a turning point for both the band and the sound, so we wouldn’t want to ruin the big reveal.

Jacko Hooper – The Long Road

True emotion and honesty is what this Brighton based singer-songwriter is best known for, and he does not disappoint with this new release. Battling the inner anxiety, Hooper quickly put pen to paper and relinquished this heartfelt gem wrapped in melancholic guitar. It’s the perfect pathetic fallacy for the current English weather.

Odette – A Place That I Don’t Know

We are so delighted to be able to say that the gorgeous Odette has released yet another brilliant single. Once again she’s brought her velvety vocals to match a slow, trickling piano that both elevates and guides the song throughout. It’s the perfect vibe for log fires and warmth and we can’t stop listening to it.

Tim Atlas & Hablot Brown – Color World

Funky lo-fi and synth – what’s not to love? And that’s only the first few seconds of the track. Once again Atlas has got himself instantly added to our playlists with this bop. It’s got instant vibes when you listen to it, and apparently that is where this song was born from – “Color World was an instant vibe in the studio, and pretty much wrote itself”, we can see why and so will you once you give it a listen.

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