Demur Decks 04.02.2019 by Mia Seabrook

Bailen – I Was Wrong

This new brother/sister trio is coming in strong with their first release and the announcement of their first album due for release in April. They boast beautifully soft and evoking lyrics and a trio of harmonies. As siblings it is only fitting their first release is all about coming together and listening to the other side of an argument – we’re loving the Bailen clan over here at Demur.

Ady Suleiman – Strange Roses

The gorgeous Ady Suleiman has come out with his first track of 2019 and once again, it is flawless. With his delightfully charming and seductive vocals chiming to a soulful driven backing track, there is nothing not to love about this. It ‘focuses on when kind gestures in a relationship feel strange because the relationship isn’t working.’

ARCADES ft. Sofia – Fragile

Production duo ARCADES are back with their first pop banger of the year, this time featuring vocals from newcomer Sofia. ‘Fragile’ maintains a rolling beat throughout that allows the song to both build and drop perfectly cushioning the vocal lead as it does so.

Sonny – Sweet Dreams

This highly sought-after newcomer is back and he comes bearing the first offering from his new EP. ‘Sweet Dreams’ is a stunning stripped back track featuring just Sonny and his guitar. His ability to be so powerful in his lyrics while reaming soft and delicate in his vocals is something to be highly commended; a brilliant first release for the year.

Magdalena Bay – Money Lover

This is without a doubt one of the best music videos we’ve seen so far this year. Catapulting us back to the late 90’s, this video is a Technicolor soaked gem. With the incredibly funky trumpets in the background and the brilliant green screen delights, this video Magdalen Bay have produced is 100% worth a watch.