Demur Decks 04.06.2018 By Mia Seabrook

Think – Mo Brandis

Mo Brandis is back and living up to the very high standards he set for himself last year. ‘Think’ is upbeat and electronic infused with the classic soulful voice that he has become so well recognised for. Definitely a track for the beach bars this summer, so don’t miss out.


Otherside – Orchid Collective

This kind of music was made for this time of year! Is it sunny? Is it going to rain? It doesn’t really matter as long as this track is blasting its mid-tempo joy around your room. These Dublin boys have been making their mark recently having supported Picture This and now they’ve gone and released an indie banger perfect for these spring/summer vibes.

Alt Det Du Ku – AyOwA

This track has a bizarre mix of dark, ominous electronic sounds combined with the hushed mysterious vocals that also manage to make you want to get up and dance. Singing about break-ups and breakthroughs and it’s got the perfect vibe for when you just aren’t sure what to listen to.


Left To fight – Purple Ferdinand

Coming from the booming R&B scene that is currently stirring in London is the gorgeous Purple Ferdinand and her enchanting voice. ‘Left To Fight’ takes on a calm and melodic vibe with subtle synths and electronic running below the vocals that means this track is not to be missed.

Yeah Right – CHINAH

There are few artists within their realm that are getting the kind of recognition that Copenhagen’s CHINAH are currently getting. Coming back with the much-anticipated release of “Yeah right’ I think it is safe to say that they have not disappointed us with this brilliant new track.


Eclipse – Joseph Lawrence and The Garden

Coming with influences like D’Angelo, Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu its almost always going to be a done deal that there is talent there – and it is. Taking on a slower soul/R&B vine with this highly anticipated track this exciting new duo have certainly won us over here at Demur.

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