Demur Decks 04.3.2019 by ARSUN

Image credit: Tasmin Meyer Ersahin

With the recent release of his second single ‘Send Her My Way’, Arsun continues his work of building his very own bespoke dream music studio in New York city. At only 19 Arsun is working with his band to select equipment best suited to creating the sound of the 1960s with the versatility of modern recording. With such a busy schedule we were only pleased Arsun could take some time out to pick out some tracks for our Demur decks.

Blast Off – Gesaffelstein & Pharrell Williams

This track reminded me of the theme from Flash Gordon. It has a fun vibe and was reminiscent of work Pharrell did with Daft Punk on ‘Random Access Memories’.

Only Human – KH

I think the beat in this song is interesting and it sounds pretty thick. Could be fun in a club.

How Can I Be Sure – Durand Jones & The Indications

I liked the instrumentals on this song.

Not Yet – Donnie McClurkin

I appreciated the string arrangements on this song. Donnie’s voice stood out and was unique from everything on both the US and UK new music playlists.

Take That Back – Rebuke

I feel like this song would also be fun in a club. I was also intrigued when I saw it was a 6-minute song.

Wounds – Little Simz ft Chronixx

I find this song to be very unique and creative. I like that it’s a rap song being played with (or using samples of) real instruments. The instrumental seems inspired by The Roots and the dissonant guitar strangely reminded me of the intro to Chris Issacs ‘Wicked Game’. I also like how the beat breaks into that climbing bass line periodically before returning to the main progression.

Speaking on ‘Send Her My Way’  the second release from his three track EP ‘Send Her My Way’, Arsun says

‘Send Her My Way is about a man talking to a stranger about a lost love in a sort of a deluded way, combining two images of a drunken guy rambling to a stranger on the street, with this almost kingly feeling of leading broken horses down fourth street’

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