Demur Decks 05.03.18 by Mia Seabrook

Seventeen – Sydney

Releasing her debut track this week is Sydney. This 22-year-old singer/ songwriter is showing her talent with beautiful harmonies and a distinct yet understated voice that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Bringing her London roots with her in the heavier beat that run as an undercurrent to the song, it quickly becomes hard to find fault in this bold and brilliant first offering.

Banjo Billy – Fling 

As self-proclaimed ‘psych-pop, glam-rockers’ it would be nothing but a disappointment if this new track from Fling wasn’t utterly bonkers and brilliant. Even the name “Banjo Billy” fits with the bands’ ideals of ‘wonky pop’ and that is not where the perfect fit end with this young and talented band.

Golden – Gabriella Vixen

Appearing on the scene in a puff of smoke, there is definitely something magical about Gabriella and her voice. Having worked with DK the Punisher on her latest offering, ‘Golden’, is a serene dose of R&B that has been sugar-coated with Gabriella’s powerful, South London vocals that are not to be ignored.

Toast – Violetta Zironi

Taken from her latest EP ‘Half Moon Lane’, ‘Toast’ is a quaint and poetic tune sung in Violetta’s classic folk/Americana tone. While remaining incredibly upbeat, Zironi brings a sense of reminiscence or sorrow to her delicate vocals creating a deeper routed connection to the song.

Call Me – ARIA

ARIA is back with her new track that is all about letting go of fear for the sake of love; can’t argue with that, right? ‘Call Me’ is sung in her model, ethereal voice that is so perfectly accompanied by the backing track. This tune may sound too deep but it has a summer vibe that’ll get rid of your Monday blues.

Prism of Love – Blakey

Not often is the pairing of a producer and vocalist as harmonious as that of Blakey and JONES on this new track. ‘Prism ofLove’ is only elevated by the layers and layers of instruments and soft synth intertwined. With the addition of the Jools Holland backed artist JONES, this careful paring is idyllic.

Unsure – Louis Centioni

This BRIT schoolboy is here with his first offering and we love it. Having fallen in love with jazz from an early age, Louis has seemingly changed direction somewhat to a more focused fusion of R&B, mellow electronica that has seen him perform at the likes of Ronnie `Scott’s to say the least.

Do You Wanna – Hot Like Sushi

This track was produced by none other than Ben Mühlethaler, who mixed the last two Prince albums – no pressure then! With such high expectations for this track, I was secretly ready to be let down, but this trio from Switzerland did not disappoint. Coming to conquer the world of pop they have created a genuine feel-good banger.

I Cant Bleed – Moir

This track combines powerful, angelic vocals and interlude driving percussion that has a spellbinding effect. Moir’s vocals are light and innocent to the slightly more sinister electronica that is subtly layered in the background tying the track together perfectly.

All That Matters – Liv Lovelle

Determined not to be pigeonholed, this talented artist has combined bits of soul, R&B and even elements of Motown in her voice making her take on pop utterly unique, and captivating. All this combined with an uplifting backing track that is driven by brilliant percussion.

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