Demur Decks 09.04.2018 by FABER

This week on the Demur Decks we have FABER the soul fused rocker & art lover from London

 Fire In Me (Sigala Remix) – John Newman 

If you’re looking for something that will help you envision yourself at an Ibiza pool party then look no further. This tune is filled with good vibes, uplifting lyrics, and a pleasurable mix of both on and off beat rhythms. With a four to the floor kick, you won’t be able to control your body from grooving to this absolute banger.

Supposed To Do – Stevie Appleton

With a funky infectious bass groove from the beginning, this tune will definitely leave you bopping. The production on the verse subtly reminds you of the famous ‘Heard it Through The Grapevine’. It’s hard not to compare Stevie’s vocals to Marvin Gaye, both beautifully and soulfully smooth and raspy at the same time.

Home – Leo Stannard 

An absolutely beautiful video that reflects the composition of the song perfectly. This is a song that will leave you feeling happily nostalgic, wanting to surround yourself with family and loved ones. Lovely lyrics perfectly fused with the acoustic guitar to create a masterpiece. Effortlessly stunning.

 Skip – SuperParka

The Gorrilaz’s-esq video certainly pairs well with the song. I am totally here for the R&B and hip-hop fusion as the trippy stoner vibe and the constant flashback of a road really takes you on a journey. This track possesses massive chill vibes that are totally comparable to Jai Paul and Flying Lotus.