Demur Decks 10.12.2018 by Mia Seabrook

Abbie Ozard – Stay Another Day

It’s CHRISTMAS! In case you aren’t feeling it or just don’t like it at all or have decided to be our musical Christmas Grinch (everyone has to play a part, it’s okay), we are here to thaw your frozen hearts. This gorgeous young Manchester-based musician has done a divinely stripped back and re-mastered version of East 17s ‘Stay Another Day’ and its brilliant! Go have a little listen and feel the Christmassy cheer, we promise it’ll work.

Runaway Hounds – Nightlight

Finding young bands is one of my favourite things to do, and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this brilliant little band since they started out and with every release, they both surprise me and surpass themselves. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, they’re ones to watch.

Lea Santee – Wine (official video)

While the track bops with light beats, varying levels of distortion and the occasional crisp string sounds, the video puts the track into perspective. It reminds me of lots of the videos I was watching around 2014 with a highly stylised theme and a perfectly timed routine featuring Lea in the centre. While it does remind me of other videos, it has some beautiful and insanely clever shots making it well worth the watch.

Lily McKenzie & Team Salut – Surrender

Whom Whom Whom; its been a while since a heavy compression had come by way (creating the ‘whom’ sound). While I’m not a massive fan of heavy compression and that stylistic choice, Lily’s vocals are lovely and this is certainly a song that will kick you out of the Monday funk and into the week.

Seeb, Bastille – Grip

This lovely new track gives me that fuzzy warm feeling and rushes me back to the explosion of Bastille onto the scene, however, it is equally refreshing and the introduction of Seeb gives it a new crisp, highly synthesised element that distracts from Bastille’s easy to distinguish lead vocals.

Sody – Let You Know

Everyone has someone they’re trying to please in life. A boss, parent, teacher etc. we all know the frustration of trying to make them happy and feeling like you fail at every turn; well, Sody has put it into words that give the most honest outlet of this problem I’ve heard for a long time. The girl is only 18 years old and has an angelic voice as well as a very bright career ahead of her.

Adam French – Wanna Be Here (acoustic)

I am a very big fan and believer in the lyricism of this gorgeous little track; and a big fan of Adam’s velvety vocals. Trapping someone who doesn’t want to be there anymore is always a complex situation, however, the lyrics to this stripped back set are almost eye-opening to a new perspective. However, if you don’t see this, if nothing else, it sounds bloody lovely….!

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