Demur Decks 11.02.2019 by Mia Seabrook

Olivia O’Brien – Love Myself

Named as one of the “100 women revolutionising pop music”, we had to have Olivia O’Brien on this week’s Demur decks. Singing against beautiful strings at the beginning before building into a full and slightly EDM filled chorus ‘Love Myself’ progresses easily and naturally. We love her lyrics; “I need to just f**kin’ love myself” and we think you might too. Such a powerful, thought-provoking statement.

SLANG – Every Weekend

Sounding a little like Jamie T, we like where SLANG is going. Rapping over a cross-contamination of hip-hop beats and an indie infused guitar is something we have seen done before, but still, we are big fans of this. Singing of the mundane yet relatable, you will definitely end up humming along to this banger.

Mating Ritual – Falling Back

Upbeat, on trend and genuinely catchy. This latest release from Mating Ritual also came with the announcement of their new album due for release on 10th May. After hearing this offering, we are certainly excited for it. ‘Falling Back’ is full of catchy riffs, funky bass and gorgeous vocals that undoubtedly show the duo’s talent.

Populuxe – Garage Sale

With the release of their album, we thought at least one of their tracks should make it into this weeks’ Demur decks. Populuxe’s ‘Garage Sale’ is widely melodic and slightly brit-pop stained with low levels throughout. The lyrics are catchy and have the cute motif of a garage sale which screams 2000’s at its best.

Naked Elephant – Light Up

This Vegas-based alt-punk trio have just released this banger which comes from their new EP, therefore flooding us with their tunes; which is more than appreciated. With swirling guitars that build until the point of climatic, catchy lyrics and a slight sound of summer in their full compassion, all we can say is…we love it!

Otherkin – Tombstone

Considering this is their first release since their debut album in 2017, this is an impressive comeback from the Dublin group. Mixed by the same mixer who has worked with the likes of Slaves and Royal Blood, you can hear the musical royalties reverberate throughout. ‘Tombstone’ is a clear statement of intent from a band leaving the past behind for a clear-eyed future.

Petrie – Texting You

Blending alt-pop with partial fragments of indie and electronic elements, the variation across this young bands’ ability is impressive. To showcase this wide of a talent, range across a single track is often presumed easier than it is, however, Petrie have managed it effortlessly all while combining catchy vocals.

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