Demur Decks 12.03.2018 by Mia Seabrook

Push and Pull – Cassyette

Having dominated the live -circuit scene since 2016, this debut release from tastemaker, Cassyette is long overdue. This talented young producer has combined a mix of 80’s synth with her own powerful vocals with a refreshing gloss and finish that is so rare in young talent. It is clear to see why she is turning heads with the likes of ASOS and Misguided noticing her potential.


Darker Shade of Green – Charles

The new video for ‘Darker Shade of Green’ is here and we love it. Starring Charles himself, the video is all about couples in varying states and the jealousy that creeps up on you when you fall in love. The video is a highly stylised offering from Charles featuring his signature bassy vocals and brilliant choreography.


Elijah – House of EL ft. Laura Mvula & Jay Prince

In this unique first offering from House of EL, not only does the London based singer/songwriter bring his own incredible talent to the track, but ‘Elijah’ also features two incomprehensibly talented artists in rapper Jay Prince and Mercury Prize Winner, Laura Mvula. This song exudes brilliance with all three artists building on each other to create something spectacular.


Valentine – Diā

The official video release for the fabulous ‘Valentine’ is finally here and it is brilliant. As a classically trained opera singer, Diā has a remarkably trained ear therefore only producing what seems to be, perfection in her own music. The video encompasses psychedelic elements shot with a vibe that resonates with the 60’s vintage soundscapes so perfectly.


Fire in Me – John Newman

He is back. After a two-year break, John Newman returns with his new single ‘Fire In Me’, and it’s like he never left. With all the tell-tale signs of Newman’s work; brassy, almost gospel production and vocals that are both upbeat and his raw throat vocals, this tune is flawless. You will simultaneously be rejoicing both at his return and the summery vibes you’ll be left with, after listening to this track.


Hells Paradise – MORGAN

Here is a single we can all rejoice over, not only because it is brilliant, but also because it was released on International Women’s Day. This new tune from MORGAN is very representative of who this newcomer is; powerful, experimental and spiritual. Moving away from her “relentless cycle of demons”, ‘Hells Paradise’ is a dark, haunting and grungy step in the right direction for this artist.


Sun Again – Wide Eyed Boy

Demur Decks alumni, Wide Eyed Boy are back with their latest track ‘Sun Again’. Once again this Liverpool based 4 piece have managed to produce an energetic, driving track that is quickly becoming a staple to their sound.  With the lyrics sitting perfectly over the top of the heavily overdriven guitar and propulsive drums you will soon have this tune stuck in your head.


13 – Ciaran Lavery

With his album release set for the 13th April, Ciaran has released ‘13’ as a little teaser of what is to come. Speaking on the track Ciaran said “13 deals with my own fear born from an inability to handle long-lasting love without contributing to its destruction…this song makes me feel uncomfortable. But I want to be as honest a songwriter as I can be” – what a refreshing and honest perspective for a songwriter to take; and a brilliant choice given the song’s magical feel to it.


Pink Lemonade – James Bay

Breaking away from his classic sound, James Bay releases ‘Pink Lemonade’ ahead of his album release scheduled for May this year. With a heavier bass sound than before, we can already hear Bay pushing his own musical boundaries with great success. This track rolls effortlessly with powerful and driving momentum.


Just Beyond Home – The Pylons ft. Emily Bridgewood

With Bridgewood’s vocals at the helm of this bright new track, it summons a rural, heartfelt picture of where The Pylons are headed. With rolling drums and subtle guitar riffs, this track builds effortlessly exploding into a powerful, collected chorus. This is an undeniable representation of just how valuable their year off was for them to reconnect again.


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