Demur Decks 12.11.2018 by Mia Seabrook

Zkeletonz – One Man Band

Sounding very on trend for the current music scene is this new synth-pop track from Demur Alumni Zkeletonz. The video if you see it, resembles that of The 1975’s ‘Love If We Made It’ with pastel hues and shadows, however, this one looks like it was created in the 80’s with its heavy neon theme. The track is filled with subtle 80s synth motifs that makes it feel as though you know it already; plus, the track is super catchy.

Shoji – Bliss

This duo have a unique background of folk and electric song-writing that comes together perfectly to create this ambient new track ‘Bliss’. Both the mellowness of folk and modern adaptability of electronic music are shown off stunningly in both the lyrics and production of ‘Bliss’. Whether you are rushing off to work or cooking dinner it’s the kind of track that will absorb you with its hypnotic beat.

Tim Atlas – Sidestep

This new video starts off with the massive advantage of featuring a very cute dog, and then a very talented singer-songwriter. Covered in moody hues that shadow Atlas perfectly to create the ambience that is so clearly written into the track, this video only gets better and better. The sultry simplicity of the video makes it incredibly aesthetically pleasing and works seamlessly alongside the open expression of social anxiety and intervention.

Nick Ellis – Around Midnight

Complimenting everything Liverpool is and has to offer on this new track, Ellis uses the simplicity of an acoustic production. Grippingly, while reflecting on his heritage and city, he incorporates an almost country style of playing which eloquently causes a quiet juxtaposition in the audio of the track; this addition makes it an interesting and unique single.

Sophie and The Giants – Waste My Air

This is the latest new track from yet another up and coming young band. Having already supported major names such as Tom Grennan, it is no surprise that Sophie and The Giants are producing such flawless content. Creating a fist-pumping, left-leaning angsty pop vibe they fit perfectly into the circle they will rise with, and we are excited to see what they do next.

MIO – Lost

Here is something a little different to sink your teeth into. As the nights draw in and summer becomes a distant memory, MIO is here to pick you up with a rolling beat that’ll make you feel like you’re back at the beach bar. Creating a true atmosphere with the sultry vocals and Latin influences, it is a bold statement from this Swedish newcomer which is definitely being well received.

Cavey – About To Start

With jazz and blues influences that were frankly, unexpected from this ‘alt/rock’ band, Cavey, this track is a divine example of fusion song-writing and production. Singing about the turmoil that can ensue as a musician and the less glamorous side of the profession. This song is an ode to who this young band are and everything we can expect from them and their unique style.