Demur Decks 16.08.2018 by Mia Woloszczynska


Turn it up loud… louder…till you feel the bass pulsating through your eardrums. The imposing ‘Fall Back’ makes you forget about every other song that you have heard that day, allowing the explosive bass to dominate your life. Intertwining aspects of rap and R&B, the uniqueness and flexibility of this track from Duckwrth, is that it would merge perfectly into a Drum and Bass set, but also with the amazing flow, it has the legs to stand alone as a fantastically worldwide track. Not to mention the totally surprising break down mid-way through the track, but I’ll let you be pleasantly surprised by that part…

The Riptide Movement – Plastic Oceans

‘Plastic Oceans’ is arguably one of the best and most catchiest and melodic pieces of work to come from the Irish group, due to the meaning behind the lyrics of the track, being that they have partnered up with a number of environmental charities in order to play a series of gigs and appearances in coastal areas, to ultimately raise awareness and spread messages about how towns and cities need to become litter and plastic free in order to save our beaches, rivers and coastlines from being even more polluted. It is a really easy listen, with a really important message.

The Tailor Made – Crossed My Mind

If you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just play ‘Crossed My Mind’ by The Tailor Made and I can reassure you it will project nothing but positivity throughout the rest of your day. The indie-pop band have produced an energetic upbeat, feel-good track, that adopts a refreshing summery feel and I must admit, they make getting over an Ex seem a lot more enjoyable!

RIMON – Realize

‘Realize’ is the third track from 21-year-old RIMON, described as “a closure and a new beginning”. This track holds great importance firstly, not only to the creativity of the music scene, inviting back a genre of soul that is perhaps otherwise missing, offering a smooth neo-soul jam, that has a beautifully mellow guitar melody running throughout, simplifying her soothing vocals and allowing the message behind them to be heard, but it is also important because she emphasised the reassurance to her family members that the visions they share are being reached by RIMON producing music and getting closure to her dream goal.

The Post Romantics – Call It Off

Okay, I won’t lie, The Post Romantics don’t ensure that there are any happily-ever-afters at the end of their stories, but what I can guarantee is that their atmospheric world focus’ on the struggles of a complicated and confused generation that I can assure you, you will relate to somehow. Their music is influenced largely by literature, cinema and the dismay of modern love and they blend together hip-hop beats, haunting guitar riffs, and R’n’B-infused vocals to create a genre that they describe as “music you can dance to, and cry to”. ‘Call It Off’ is an addictive masterpiece with a dark undertone, cleverly including opposing sounds of a subtle electric guitar with the use of synth/xylophone over the top, concluding this track as a really brilliant debut and something that is completely different, and that is hard to do!

Mick Jenkins – Bruce Banner

Aside from the statement track title ‘Bruce Banner’, otherwise known as the Incredible Hulk, Mick Jenkins spits an incredibly fiery flow over a looped keyboard and drums melody, suggesting that maybe something/someone has got on the wrong side of him – or perhaps he is suggesting the opposite, that no one is getting on any side of him at all and in fact he is just making sure his stamp is firmly printed on the music scene. “Honestly can’t nobody come for me except Kendrick, and I hope you offended”. This track has great characteristics of a classic rap song, with a fearlessness about it and a stand out message, flowing over a clean cut drum bop. I like it.

Latenight Honeymoon – Live Your Life Without Me

Inspired largely by the city of London – its ideas, cultures and changing ways – Latenight Honeymoon project their latest inspirations into their latest track ‘Live Your Life Without Me’. The 80s sounding pop debut is a really great opening statement from the band, with a similar sound to the likes of Jungle, it is a really catchy debut.