Demur Decks 16.10.17 New Music As Selected By Mia Seabrook

Mo Brandis – Red Lights

We are big fans of Mo Brandis here at Demur. Following the success of his single ‘Undercover’, Mo has released his latest new single ‘Red Lights’. Sporting a more mainstream beat and powerful chorus, which will no doubt have you singing along instantly, we are sure this is one you will love. With a beat that could is fitting in a café or club, ‘Red Light’ is sure to be a big hit this autumn.

Jerry Williams – Mother

There is something reminiscent of the 2000’s in Jerry William’s voice that will flood you with nostalgia. Her sharp, innocent and soft voice has elements of country in it, with the accompaniment of a beautifully soft guitar that is enchanting, to say the least.

Giovanna – Dream World

‘Dream World’ takes electronic, dance, R&B and the skills of a singer/songwriter and spins it into something magical. Its ethereal in its depth and airiness. Giovanna has taken lyrics that almost everyone will be able to relate to and mixed them into the perfect storm of a catchy and wholly unique track.

Erin McCarley – Sexicon

The new video for ‘Sexicon’ has just been unveiled and there is only one rod that springs to mind; trippy. It pulses and flows to the sound of the bass drum and flits in and out of the dancers and Erin herself showing the passion and emotion that she originally wrote into the song.

Klyne – Break Away (Faulty DL remix)

Again, another reoccurring friend of Demur is the fabulous Klyne. This time they’re unveiling the new remix to their opening track ‘Break Away’, and it is brilliant. This remix brings a slightly more spaced out feel to the track while having a slight jungle beat running below, making it perfect for the pre or post party vibes.

Aria Jay – Soar (Aboynamedhsu remix)

Its fresh, bouncy and funky in parts; and we like it. It has the feel of the 80’s rebooted. Combining what could be called ‘disco’ with contemporary R&B Aria is definitely on to something with Soar as it is so diversely adaptable as proven by Aboynamedhsu with the remix.

Dom McAllister – Only One

Who remembers 2014 and the rise of the ever so catchy electronic, upbeat power song? Well, Dom has come along and brought it back with an upgrade that is unrecognisable. ‘Only One’ is powerful, catchy and un-apologetically brilliant. It has the electronic distortion that will no doubt remind you of summer and synthy beats that effortlessly carry the song.

Tom Walker – Leave a Light On

Emotional and gut-wrenching. Having gained much success over the last year and just completing a tour with the Script, it is only right that Tom Walker should release a track like this. This is the kind of song that will have you up and powerfully singing along pretending you’re up on stage with him. It is relatable and brilliant.