Demur Decks 17.12.2018 by Nonô

Made in Brasil and shipped to London is how Nonô describes herself on her Instagram profile.  Nonô exudes silky smooth vocals, confidence and deeply personal lyrics which makes her worth a listen. This is also makes her the perfect candidate to take over our Demur Decks this week.

Read – Mae Muller

I think this is a cool pop song – the lyrics especially, are very relatable!

River Runs Deep – Lauren Faith

Loved the song, thought it was very groovy and I really liked the single art cover!

Loveable – ELIZA

Thought this song was very interesting. I really like the fact that it’s so laid back, that it mixes the spoken vocals with backing vocals and harmonies. Sounds really cool!

Stopped Believing in Santa – MNEK

I like the vibe of this song, is very 2000’s R&B! Love how he incorporated the melody of Jingle Bells into the song but also transformed it into his own version.

Heart Is Healing – Martha

Was boping instantly haha, sounds like this track should be on a movie like 13 going on 30!


Love the attitude, think it’s a strong pop song!

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