Demur Decks 18.06.2018 by Mia Seabrook

Talk It Out – Island Club

They’re back with another banger once again. These boys have proved they can write hit after hit and they’re still on this winning streak as far as we are concerned. With bouncy summer vibes and distinct lead vocals, ‘Talk It Out’, is definitely one to be added to everyone’s summer playlist.


Zero Movement – HUME

This lovely new track from Buckinghamshire’s HUME has so much potential as it begins to build, and the subtle drum pad appears from behind the smoking synth. From then the promise of a build-up is removed instead plato-ing into a brilliant lazy day tune.


Chromatic – Iyves

If all the Vitamin D we’ve been having recently isn’t giving you a summer buzz this will. Featuring a beat that is guaranteed to have you bopping in no time and beautiful R&B infused lyrics this is destined to be a beach banger. We love it and don’t know how you couldn’t.


Anywhere – SIGMA

You know it’s officially summer season when SIGMA are coming out with new club bangers that are destined to be debuted behind any decks worth listening to. ‘Anywhere’ has their classic rolling beat to get your hips moving and soaring vocals that glide perfectly over the track.


Feels Like Home – Sigala, Fuse ODG, Sean Paul, Kent Jones

What a collaboration this turned out to be. With such big names against it, this was bound to be amazing or awful; our verdict – amazing. With such a catchy hook it is almost impossible not to get grooving along to it! Not to forget the genius that is brought along by FUSE’s un-missable lyrics.

 These Nights – Langston Francis

Coming all the way from Canada this week is the gorgeous Langston Francis. This track is undoubtedly for fans of Post Malone. ‘These Nights’ has got a calming, moody and utterly stylised aesthetic and looped lyrics that will stay looping in your head all day long.