Demur Decks 19.03.2018 by Mia Seabrook

Berlin – Birthday Card

Here is the latest release from the brilliant Birthday Card. These boys are making big waves at the moment, and we can see why. With a combination of melancholy-pop and 80’s genius sprinkled throughout, I promise it will be just as hard for you to get ‘Berlin’ out of your head as it was for me.


How To Lose You – Port Cities

Soft vocals, beautiful keys, harmonies that layer seamlessly – and that’s just the audio. In this new video from Port Cities, the purple hue surrounding this incredibly talented band only adds to the sensory pleasure that this video provides. Featuring the band all playing together, this video will give you all kind of feels.

Make Love – Eleanor K

‘Future pop’ is the best way I can think to describe this new gem from Eleanor K. ‘Make Love’ has all the makings of a pop song, however the layers and layers of experimental electro beats, warped bass and distorted vocals tips it over into ‘future pop. Regardless, we most certainly love it.


Motions – Bad Honey

Emerging out of the south London scene is the fabulous Bad Honey and their new single ‘Motions’. This track sees Bad Honey changing it up a bit from their previous EP with their beautiful harmonies played out the top of a slightly 80’s inspired backing track; a combination that appears almost effortless to this extraordinarily talented duo.


Somber – Violet Days ft. Morgxn

With this being their first release of the year, we are lost for words on this comparatively young new duo Violet Days. Appearing on the scene already armed with a fully formed, crisp sound is a rarity, yet Violet Days have done just that. Bass heavy, electronica beats and lyrics that are hefty with apathy and heartache; if this is just the beginning of Violet Days, we are super excited to see where they go from here.


ME! – Hatty Keane

Sounding slightly unhinged with her raw and emotive vocals that bellow in the beginning, this single blossoms into a lighter swinging chorus. ‘ME!’ is laden with the expression of heart break and the unrelenting desire for the one you love. With such emotion running through out the lyrics it could’ve been too much, yet it is perfectly balanced.


Warriors – Karmic

Before you press play on this track, prepare to be motivated by this absurdly energetic track. ‘Warriors’ is both inspiring and bold with the basis of female fronted pop blended with heavy, electro-dance beats that drive the track forward at a whirlwind speed. It embodies their ethos of female empowerment and provides a no nonsense soundtrack to equality.

Cool Kids – Ivory Wave

Here is one for the Indie kids. Straight out of Birmingham is Ivory Wave and they’re showing everyone just what they’re about on their latest track. ‘Cool Kids’ is a perfect blend of bold bass lines and a chorus that makes me want to be stood in a grotty, packed out pub, singing along to this banger. It is safe to say Ivory Wave know how to produce a perfect indie hit.

Vibrations – Y.A.S.

Calling all EDM fans, here is the next generation. With soft, ever so slightly smoky vocals run on top of a heavy electro infused R’n’B backing, there is no doubt that this is for the next generation of music lovers. It is everything you would expect from both an electronic dance and soft R’n’B track rolled into one. While you might not be able to define what it is exactly, you will definitely love it.

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