Demur Decks 19.11.2018 by Mia Seabrook

Nico Cara – Grounded

Sultry, sulky, neo-soul sounds drip from this gorgeously smooth new release from Brighton based Nico Cara. With velvety smooth vocals above sticky sounds influenced by jazz, hip-hop and soul there is nothing to dislike about this wonderful song and artist. Singing about his personal experiences and how hard it can be in the modern world, it is hard not to fall in love with this gem of a track.

Kidsun – Bad Dreams

Very much fitting into the 2018 music scene is this new track from Kidsun, with a clean, crisp production and electric sounds that pinpoints this sound very much to the likes of its contemporaries. On top of this is a steady, rolling bassline that carries the immaculate vocals and creates the unique yet familiar sound that draws you to this track.

GRYMM – Br-Ea-The

This melancholic, alternative little band from Brighton have come out with a new song and sound far beyond what we were expecting. As a 3 piece, what they potentially lack in people they certainly make up for with their huge swirling guitar and sombre, grungy vocals. Just as it hits its peak of alternative grunge, beautiful harmonies float over the top balancing the song perfectly.

San Cisco – When I Dream

Having hit “Most Played’ on Australia’s Triple J we wanted to hear what all the fuss was about with this new track from San Cisco – and we get it. Combining impeccable lyrics and an upbeat bounce in the percussion and production there isn’t anything that can be disliked about this little piece of sunshine in a song.

Chloe Howl – 23

We’ve all been there; walking down the street, headphones in and strutting to the beat like you’re the star of your own show, no? If not, pop this new track in your headphones and you will definitely understand it. ‘23’ has got a super smooth beat that’s rigged with little explosions of perfect synth and compression the whole way through as well as the cool voice of the gorgeous Chloe Howl.

Magdalena Bay – Ghost

This is bubble-gum gloss meets constructed electronica. As firm fans of both sides of this song, what could possibly go wrong when you blend it? It’s a little like having two conflicting sides of the 2000’s mashed up into one bizarre, happy little package that shouldn’t work, but does! There are beautiful airy vocals and a continuous beat that rolls into drops so elegantly.

Kwassa – Moonwalking

He’s back under a new name, new sound but same brilliance. Releasing his ‘most personal track’ to date, Moonwalking’ marks a new chapter in this insanely talented young man’s career, and we are big fans of it so far. His vocals are grounding and charming with a beautifully produced track behind it. If this is just the beginning for Kwassa, we are excited to see what he’ll do next.

AZTX ft. Raphi – Crush

This bouncy new dance track comes from the collaboration of brilliant producer AZTX and young rising star Raphi. With a meaty, full and fresh sound as well as exquisite breakdowns into the chorus that will no doubt be in your head all day they have created something fabulous here. The introduction of Raphi’s vocals gives it access into the new dance scene that has been coming out of London as well as a sassy vibe to the overall sound of the track.


This new track from RUMORS is dripping in twinkly, ethereal sounds and it’s laced with gorgeous vocals. Falling into ‘electronic indie’ this London based trio very cleverly use the title of their sub-genre whilst enhancing and tweaking it to create something that sounds both ghostly and impeccably crisp; something that is much easier said than done, and we love that they’ve done that with this track.