Demur Decks 21.01.2019 by Mia Seabrook

Tom Walker – Just You and I (Video)

It is often said these days that a music video is not as important as it once was, to those that hold this opinion, I challenge you with this video. Starting off with two people waking up handcuffed to each other, it is an escapist, optimistic gem. This paired with the delightful vocals makes for a video that left me smiling ear to ear, and I think it’s just what you need for a Monday morning pick-me-up.

James Hersey & Jeremy Loops – My People

It’s bouncy, upbeat and just the perfect fix for the Monday blues. Co-written by James Hersey with South African Singer-Songwriter Jeremy Loops, you can clearly hear both sides of their input and creative elements working in perfect harmony to create a beautifully well-rounded track.

Jerry Williams – David At The Bar

Finally, it’s here. ‘David At The Bar’ has been part of Jerry’s live set for a long while, and now the wait to obsessively listen to it is over. Singing about a man she met at a bar and shared life stories with, Jerry wrote this beautifully emotive yet unbearably catchy song as an ode to him.

Whenyoung – Never Let Go

Now it’s 2019, it seems as though Whenyoung would like to remind everyone, ever so candidly, just how talented they are, and that they are only getting better. We spent 2018 watching them blossom and grow; but with this release, they’ve just proved that they are creating a mould for the future of indie pop.

Adam French – The Only Living Thing

Both the visuals and lyrics for this new track are so elegantly lonesome. Shaped around the idea of loneliness, declining mental health and the overwhelming sense that everything you once had is everything you ever needed. Both lead and cradled by French’s gorgeous vocals, this delight is sure to pull on your heartstrings.

Samm Henshaw ft. EARTHGANG – Church

Sometimes, the fewer words you use to describe a song the better, and this song can be described simply as a bop. Singing about a world where Sundays are for church, and teenage years are for rebellion, Henshaw reflects on his youth and what it was like growing up. Driven by a bluesy, groovy beat and a fantastic delivery from Henshaw, ‘Church’ really is a bop.

Naked Elephant – Long Way Home

This is a joyous summer psych to pick you up out of that winter funk. Written with a brilliant funk baseline that truly encapsulates all the excitement of Vegas, this three-piece have started their 2019 right, and made our week start off right too.

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