Demur Decks 22.10.2018 by BLONDE DIAMOND

Vancouver alt/pop outfit BLONDE DIAMOND – formerly known as YOUNGBLOOD, released their EP Fantasy Love on October 19th. The EP is a follow up to the band’s immensely successful hit ‘Feel Alright’, which has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone to date. BLONDE DIAMOND’s frontwoman Alexis Young took time out of her busy touring schedule to compile a list of some of her favourite songs for us. Seeing as ‘Better When You’re Close’, released in April as the first single from the upcoming EP, has seen over 140,000 Spotify streams to date we know the guys have good taste in music.  

MGMT – Little Dark Age

This is the track that I’ve been listening to all year and have been referencing for vibe for almost every new song I’ve been writing. It has such a perfect blend of vibe and tone with darkness and a pulsating drive to it. It’s been my go-to for the random “hey, why don’t you throw something on?” It hits the mark every time.

Andy Shauf- Early to the Party

For a concept album, ‘The Party’ by Andy Shauf cuts to the core of humanity and loneliness, but in such a deeply relatable and beautiful way. Put this on when you’re feeling reflective and introspective and you just want to stare out the window and watch the raindrops race each other down the glass. He also played almost every instrument on the record, which is just such an incredible feat.

Methyl Ethel – Ubu

There is absolutely no way that you can listen to this track and stay sitting still. There is such an amazing atmosphere on this track that doesn’t get lost in the persistent beat. Somehow, you simultaneously feel like you’re floating and drifting along while just gettin’ down and throwing your hands up in the air screaming “WHY’D YOU HAVE TO GO AND CUT YOUR HAIR”. Just do yourself a favour and listen to it first before thinking we are a little crazy.

Timber Timbre – Grifting

Go online right now and see if Timber Timbre are coming to your city any time soon. If they click “get tickets” and you will not be sorry. This song, in particular, restored my fondness for the clavinet and it is darkly FUNKY AS HELL. I felt like I lived in a black and white movie with heavily contrasted light and shadows when I listen to this song (and whole record) and it makes me want to chain smoke and wear velvet gloves.

Beach House – Drunk in LA

Relatable title aside, this is a real dreamy jam, as to be expected from the experts in ethereal space songs. A++.

Arctic Monkeys – Four Out of Five

A lot of people hated this new Arctic Monkeys album and I think that’s great. Hahahaha. I think it’s awesome that Alex Turner did whatever the fuck he wanted, and just sat down at a piano like he was a washed-up old lounge singer in a ratty, bejewelled suit in a dusty Vegas theatre where the only patrons are dried out lizards sipping on cheap gin and stabbing coins into rusted up slot machines. I give this song five stars.

Kali Uchis – Flight 22

This is the ultimate smooth. The entire album has such incredible production that cleverly blends 60s strings and arrangements with a modern groove and vibe. And it’s also just such a perfect and simple love song to boot.   

Shintaro Sakamoto – 鬼退治 (Purging the Demons)

I am so into everything Shintaro Sakamoto does. It’s like the vibiest and weirdest alternate universe jam. It’s like a crash landing into a disco ball at a Japanese Steely Dan cover band show on Mars.


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