Demur Decks 23.07.2018 by Royaume

With the release of their new EP ‘Again’ French duo Royaume released a provocative and an electric video for the lead single ‘Again’. French-Japanese singer Yumi and producer Moon boy are hard at work in the studio working on their debut album, so we were only pleased when they took some time out to take over our Demur Decks.

Holander – Smoke

Moon Boy: Very good modern sounding pop song. Those airy synths and catchy guitar riffs with a spacey sound make perfect music for a summertime moment, in front of a swimming pool with a view over the sea at sunset.

Beachwood Coyotes – Terror

Moon Boy: One of a kind flow of the vocal melody on the verses. It makes this song sound very original, especially with this kind of music.

Metric – Dark Saturday

Moon Boy: I’m a big fan of Metric’s song “Help I’m alive”. On this new single, I especially enjoy the production with saturation on the voice, the drums, and the bass.

Digital Shades – Blue

Yumi: Möja, Sweden. Sunbeam jetski bikini. My first kiss lolz. Never forget bye.

LOWE – Walk on fire

Yumi : Gloomy. Mist on windows. Adele. Put a log in the fireplace.

Royaume’s new EP  ‘Again’ is out now

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