Demur Decks 26.02.18 by Mia Seabrook

Come Around – Cape Cub

This is the new single from the charming Cape Cub. Singing with the belief that you should write what you know about and be honest in your work is the ethos of Cape Cub’s songs. You can distinctly hear this in ‘Come Around’ with its beautiful lyrics and humbling vocals.

Nothing’s Changed – Isaac Waddington

This track is all about yearning for exploration, looking for that new adventure when everything feels like it’s going nowhere. Isaac has a soulful, calm voice that compliments the Tom Misch esque backing track perfectly. It won’t come as a shock when this young artist explodes onto the scene once everyone hears him.

Heart For Sale – Anton Powers

This banger came as no surprise to me. Powers, who has enjoyed an insane amount of success throughout his career, is back and brilliant as ever. ‘Heart For Sale’ has that steel pan summer vibe that will no doubt be blaring out in all the clubs soon, as well as chillingly cool vocals.

Do It All Again – Praa

The video for Praa’s new track ‘Do It All Again’ combines the class of a 1920’s black and white movie with the style that has been quickly adopted by female artists in recent years; smoky, hazy colour and a beautiful girl to match this stylish aesthetic.

Lullaby – Sigala ft. Paloma Faith

What a team; Sigala who has recently celebrated more success than can fit in my word count and Brit Award Winner Paloma faith. This powerful collaboration has released ‘Lullaby’ which will for sure hit the charts and be added to everyone’s summer playlist with its upbeat dance vibe and Paloma Faith’s iconic vocals.


Always Reminding – Christina Martin

There is something that is ever so slightly infectious on this track. The beat hooks you in quickly and will most likely not get out of your head, so sorry about that, but I promise it’s worth it. Martin, who decided that with her new music she will follow the direction her songs lead her and not the way a genre does, clearly made a good decision because this is brilliant.

Cold – Dave C. Rupert

There is something that is hauntingly romantic about the guitar in this song. Singing with his distinctively powerful yet delicate voice, Rupert lures you into a bittersweet sense of security. ‘Cold’ is “an apology letter/lullaby for making some mistakes in a relationship and thinking maybe I’d pushed it a bit too far this time”.

Cryptic love – iyamah

“I’ve been a victim of cryptic love” – how hauntingly true for most these days? What an entrance iyamah has made with this vivid tale of the revolving romances that come in your 20’s. Her love for neo-soul and hip-hop that can be heard in vocals, will make you think she is a veteran of the genre, not a newcomer.

Sophie – Runaway Hounds 

I love a husky voice so I might be biased here. For a second single, Runaway Hounds have managed to create a seemingly rough around the edges track that underneath is actually seamless. Hailing from Wolverhampton, these boys have all the charm of an ‘indie-rock’ band that makes me remember why I love this kind of music.

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