Demur Decks 26.03.2018 by Mia Seabrook


First on this week’s Demur Decks is the fabulous Australian duo, NAATIONS. These two incredibly talented women have made a fast-paced, upbeat electro delight. The track is built continuously with heavy bass warbling throughout and a production that is beautifully crisp.


Empty House – Billy Lockett

With a voice like this, it is no shock that Billy is enjoying all this major success at the moment. With his name appearing on the ‘Ones To Watch’ lists of many, we thought he would be a perfection addition to this list as well. Billy’s vocals are soft and comforting over a beautiful emotive piano. This combination is timeless however often overdone or done really badly, but this is a perfect example of how to do it right.


Water – Ciaran Austin

Meet Ciaran Austin, the ‘rapper’ with a twist. While he is conventionally rapping, that is where the conventions end with this incredibly talented young artist. Rapping over cool, dejected beats that roll like fittingly like calming waves under his bassy, melancholic voice. ‘Water’ has all the elements of that moody Monday music you need to get yourself back into work this week.


Somewhere – Timsters

There’s a synth that is as heavy as fog in this new tune. While his pearly light voice chimes angelically, the heavy bass and distortion underneath brings the mood of this song down to an ever so slightly more sinister sounding song. However, this track actually explores deeper depths of emotion with a touch of lightness that is refreshing for such a heavy tune.


Prism Of Love – Blakey ft. JONES  

Here is a little EDM gem to get your week off to a good start. This track is well polished with little pop delights and synthy rhythms alongside the heavy bass and elating vocals. This song has everything.


Better Than This – Heather Jayne

Add this song to your feel-good playlist for the full effect. Singing about self-empowerment and cutting out the toxic people from your life is always going to be a good thing in our books. This super talented young artist takes inspiration from people such as Tove Lo in this synth/pop combination and it is the perfect pick me up.


Wonderland – Cable Street Collective

There is every influence under the sun in this hectic and eclectic new tune, but we love it. With a jazz bass line, twinkling bass that is reminiscent of Mac Demarco, vocals that are soft and almost poppy and heavily modulated synth, it is confusing at first, however, the entire thing works in perfect harmony in this bizarre and brilliant track. Lyrically it uses Alice in Wonderland to tell the story of a relationship, and how fitting as they add some trippy magic to the vocals as well.


Come Over – Haris

Singer/ songwriter come producer Haris has released the first song from his debut album due out later this year. ‘Come Over’ has his distinctive vocals that are floating over beautiful harmonies and a backing track of dark, synth-laced pop that ticks over beautifully allowing this track to build slowly and delicately.

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