Demur Decks 28.01.2019 by Mia Seabrook

Geppetto & The Whale – Faust

This sun-kissed and almost morose exploration of what it is to be free in your youth is the perfect vibes for a Monday. While the lyrics are soft and delicate, they are carried by a subtle guitar and refined strings that conjure up exactly what the video summarises. While the boy explores the woods in this gorgeous video the song matches the tone of the video and its honey-like sweetness.

Susto – Weather Ballons

This charming little track boasts optimism and positivity. The delightfully sharp harmonica and rolling drums enable it to flow seamlessly and build into a euphoric chorus. Both the lyrics and vocals are laced with the knowledge that subtly imparts as the song progresses.


Jolé – Seldom Seen

Daydreaming is something we all do, some of us more than others, but we all do it. This lovely little track is all about getting lost in thought, and quite frankly you will most likely get lost in thought while listening to this; the delicately layered harmonies and gentle guitar will let you float away.

Roman Harris – The Smell of Heather

With multiple genres influencing his work, there is something unique in Roman’s voice and the soulful presence he brings to his work. His softy vocals bode the lust for a girl and build into a bright and open chorus that sparkles with passion and soul.


Jesse Markin – Jericho

Speaking on the tack, Jesse says “To reach our goals we have to break down the walls holding us back” and that is what this track is all about. With a high-quality production that oozes a soulful R&B sound, there a few qualities to falter in this new track.


Hips – Upsidown

This is the Monday mood everyone wishes they could achieve. ‘Upsidown’ is upbeat, bouncy, fun and guaranteed to have you bopping along in no time. This is effortless soul pop and so much fun. Using electronic sounds and catchy hooks Hips have most definitely created an earworm that actually, we are happy to keep singing to all day.

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