Demur Decks 29.01.18 by Mia Seabrook

Raspberry Kisses – Naked Elephant

Naked Elephant are completely new and exciting to the UK scene and what better way to introduce themselves than with their new single ‘Raspberry Kisses’ which seems to elegantly explain exactly who they are within 3 minutes. It’s caustically American pop-rock, however, there is something slightly different that you just can’t pin down.

Bones – Feenixpawl ft. Ariana and Rose

While having a successful stand-alone career, Ariana has lent her vocals to this new single in an unexpected yet bold move from what we have come to expect. This track is a combination of pop and dance music that skews the crossover line so effectively you don’t notice how infectiously catchy it truly is.

Las Vegas – The Magician

Showcasing his change of direction in music, here is The Magician’s new track. Having collaborated with Ebenezer, this track has more of an R&B stance to it. The dreamy production on this track proves just how talented of a producer The Magician is.

To Chicago – Ciaran Lavery

With the news of his album release coming out later this year, here is the teaser track, ‘Sweet Decay’. Lavery has tempted us with this sultry, soft single; the vocals on which are raw and honest not only in their sound but also the lyricism.

Let Go – Jules Rendell ft. Riccy Mitchell

As someone excelling in all spheres of the music industry at the moment it was no surprise to find a Jules Rendell gem sat in my inbox. This time teaming up with Riccy Mitchell, the pair have created something outstanding. This riff driven delight will have your foot tapping along the entire time.

What About Me – Whinnie Williams

This new track is a treat for both the ears and eyes with the new video encapsulating everything Williams cannot covet through her lyrics. The video, set as if it were 1972 again, perfectly mirrors the track as it becomes more heated and vibrant towards the end while remaining characteristically simple and elegant.

Man Made Machine – Partials

Starting out with a heavy bassline, this genre divided track holds many surprises. Going from what sounds fairly industrial, Partials build the bassline and samples to create something that is altogether groovier yet oddly eerie. Its safe to say that they have broken tradition with this track, but seeming for very good reasons.

By Mia Seabrook