Demur Decks 30.04.18 by Mia Seabrook

Russian Roulette – Julius Cowdrey

It may be a bit miserable this week, but this new track from Julius Cowdrey will pick you right up and get you ready for some summer sunshine. Filled with classic summery breakdowns and harmonies that are reminiscent of beach bars, there is no way you won’t get a sense of summer in this track.


I Can Only See Me – Eleanor K

Uber cool & uber talented – this is the latest single from Eleanor K. This L.A. based artist has created a brilliantly layered alt-pop gem with elements spanning across musical genres. Speaking on the track, she says ‘It’s a conversation between two people, but one of those people, no matter how hard they look into the other’s eyes, are only seeing the reflection of themselves. We’re all the heroes of our own story and given today’s culture and society, it’s only accelerating.’


Fallin – Liza Owen

There is something incredibly satisfying and iconic about ‘Fallin’. With all the sass and style that Liza brings to the table, not only in the in her vocals but also with her image having been deep-rooted in fashion and culture previously. This talented artist has now moved into the music world and it’s clear to see she will dominate the music industry as well with a voice and image like hers.


Alive – Swan Levitt

Chilling, charming and full of emotion. Swan Levitt manages to create a story with his lyrics that demands emotion and passion. With hints of Bon Iver in his tone and message, this song is a perfect example of flawless songwriting at its best


Love Vendetta – Arrow Benjamin

It is incredibly hard to ever attempt to criticise someone who has written and worked with the Queen B herself (By Queen, we mean Beyoncé, obviously). Arrow helped to write “Runnin’ (Lose it All)” With Naughty Boy and Beyoncé and if we weren’t convinced of his extreme talent before, we certainly are now with this brilliant new track.


I Will – Alex Adair Ft. Eves Karydas

Straying away from his normally pop orientated sound, Adair is giving us a taste of his more experimental side and we love it so far. Holding a steady yet variant beat throughout, accompanied by the very talented Karydas’ vocals, this track is a brilliant introduction to what could be next for this young artist who is truly proving that he cannot be pigeonholed.


Real Close – HUME

Behind the lyrics to this tune is a bed of electronic and R&B infused beats with distortion and synth so subtle you wouldn’t notice it was there. HUME also incorporates his soft and eloquent vocals over the top that make me reminisce about early Flume or Disclosure. We’re excited to see where this brand-new artist goes and so should you.



Unless you were under a rock at the end of 2017, the name FRENSHIP should already mean something to you, and you should already be excited to see that they have new music for us. Following their success of late, is this brilliant new track, telling stories of lessons learnt, but to an extremely catchy beat, which will probably be stuck in you’re head all day… sorry about that!


When We Were Young – James New

Here is your weekly dose of new, acoustic brilliance to keep you going. James has an extremely soft and delicate voice that almost has natural harmonies as he sings with such control and range. If that isn’t enough to convince you, there is also a beautiful acoustic guitar that runs smoothly underneath it to perfectly tie up the song.

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