Demur Decks by DEVI

This week’s Demur Decks is brought to us by DEVI, who is signed to his own label Illusiv at only 19! Since he picked up over 3 million Soundcloud plays on his various remixes, we thought he might be the right man to pick out all the hottest tunes for us this week. 

Dua Lipa – ‘IDGAF’

Heard this the other day, it’s just a good feel classic Dua Lipa track, the chorus really reminds me of the Dragonette vibe. Cool track as expected.

SYNAPSON ft. Holly Martin – ‘Hide Away’

The chorus is super catchy, I really love this combination of the disco style beat and really soulful vocals. Really dig this.

Quality Control, Quavo, Nicki Minaj – ‘She For Keeps’

I don’t usually listen to trap/hip-hop of this style, but I gotta say the beat is awesome, has this Mario vibe to it which I love. And of course, the autotune, can’t go wrong with that right? All in all, catchy track.

Hudson Taylor – ‘Run With Me’

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this is: roadtrip! A really nice and calming track. Vibes!

Denny White – ‘Torn Up’

Really cool production on this, but doesn’t overpower the vocals. A kind of track I would listen to on a daily basis!

The Rigs – ‘When We Were Young’

A really emotional track, for some reason the melody and chorus made me think of The Lion King. I like it.

One Bit x Noah Cyrus – ‘My Way’

Heard this one radio a lot recently, and still not bored of it. Really unique and catchy pop track.

Joshua KYEOT – ‘playground sweethearts’

Wow, this is awesome. Don’t even know how to categorize it but I don’t need to, love this! It’s like if reggae and jazz had a baby.

Tep No – ‘I’m Evil’

Now this is what I’m talking about. Sick track. The deep Jason Derulo-ish vocal and vocal chops are awesome. And the plucks & melody just make the track. Really cool.

Maggie Szabo – ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’

This took me a few years back when pop tracks were just super soulful and emotional, and that typical vocal melody in the chorus just seals it. A real feel good song.

Honorable Mention – DEVI – Librium featuring Y.A.S

We couldn’t help but sneak in DEVI’s debut release on his label. Speaking on the track DEVI says ‘Librium’ is a song which many people will identify with – for different reasons. With dance music videos there is always the temptation to film a club scene or feature a female protagonist in some form of distress. We wanted to subvert the genre and really do something different that resonates.’

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