Demur Decks by Fox Stevenson 28.05.2018

This week we have Fox Stevenson taking over our Demur Decks. With the buzz around his latest EP ‘Glue Gun / Never Before’ it was only right we got this UK based producer/DJ who is known for his extensive taste in music, to take over our decks.  


Lioness – DBT (Dead Black Ting) Remix ft Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr & Little Simz

This track is super cool, and for me, that “break” sample is instant nostalgia, the minimalism on the instrumental was a really great call, and I love how in the video Little Simz appears to be holding a cup of tea (or I’m totally missing a reference)


Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – Sonny

Already from the get-go, these chords have me, done, melting. The songwriting is nice and honest sounding, and of course pretty universal, like any love song, I kinda wish it would have cut loose a bit more and went huge for the last chorus, but that would have been a really instrumental lead choice, which would have taken away from the voice, which also would have been a shame


Human – Kitt Philippa

To be honest, when this started I wasn’t convinced by it, but the small additions throughout the track really give this track heart, plus the chords are unpredictable to me, in a good way


Heaven On Earth – Whenyoung

I really wasn’t expecting those vocals, but I’m not mad about that. It’s a tasty out of the ordinary pairing between that and the instrumentals like how stripped back this track is, it lets the writing shine in a nice way, plus I really like that guitar tone!


Lemonade – SACRE

I’m a bit of a sucker for a French accent on a vocal, and the laidback funk influence on this also pushes my buttons, very listenable. My only problem with it is how little reverb there is on the vocal, but of course, that’s not important really. The change in chords on the second time round in the choruses is a really nice touch too.


Blazing – AKA George

From the beginning, I wanted to like this, so when the little breakbeat came in I was really happy. I really love how held back the arrangement is on this, it’s such a confident call, sonically very pleasing, the lyrics don’t do much for me sadly, but I’m sure they will for others!


Read My Mind – Raphaella

Beautiful intro and interesting choices on the autotune, direct lyrics, I’m 40 seconds in and I’m totally engaged, the transition to the bassier vocal chop wasn’t where I thought this track would go but I’m into it. I love the way the verses sound like a memory, really vibes me out to be honest!


She – El Train ft. Barney Artist

This is cool, great mood, I feel cooler just listening to it, classy held back house with vocal harmonies and the almost breathy rapping are a really nice combination, really feeling this.


Fox Stevenson’s ‘Glue Gun/Never Before’ is available to stream now

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