Demur Decks by Mia Seabrook 21.05.2018

April Fool – CURRLS

Here is the latest single from the lovely Brighton based band CURRLS. Lead singer Holly’s vocals are perfectly matched with the popping, grungy base that swirls into each breakdown as well as having beautiful harmonies that almost act as interludes to the otherwise heavier sound of this brilliant track. It’s a track that’s certainly getting added to our weekly playlist and it should be on yours too.


Baby Blue – Squid Cult

TOP PICK –Within 30 seconds I was completely hooked to the slight twinkle in this track. The finger-picked base leads you in as the swirls begin and it only gets better from there. poppy, wiry base, a guitar lead that reminds me of early Arctic Monkeys with its breakdowns and a Stone Roses esque vocal lead; tempted yet?


Struck By Lightning – PBSM

Soft, subtle and deeply melancholic; this track slowly builds up to its eventual indie rock climax that is reminiscent of Blossoms, the vocals are moody but meaningful. There is definitely something in this lovely little track that sticks with you but honestly, it is hard to pinpoint where exactly the earworm derives from.


Everyone Knows – Caswell

This lovely little track from Caswell features her angelic and ethereal vocals that could fill any space with ease. Not only does it have beautiful vocals and harmonies, it is set to a modern acoustic track built with light synth to build and elevate it to an almost indescribable degree.


Fun – Kaskade, BROHUG & Mr Tape

Fasten your seatbelt for this track as we move away from melancholy and into the banging world of synthy beats. Reminding me of summer with its tinny, cow bell beats and female vocals this song will have your head bopping pretty quick. Not only that, but the production on this track is so dirtily clean its brilliant.


Secret Admirer – BARBUDO

If your first thought when listening to this track isn’t “I want a cocktail and a boogie” there is something faulty in your funk senses and you should probably seek help. This track has everything a Nu-eyed funk track should have, with a slight element of disco hidden in the back just for good measure; I guarantee there is no way you won’t be grooving to this tune.


Taste – Betty Who

So far we’ve had melancholy, upbeat, rock and funk – now here is your weekly dose of sassy girl power. With a voice that clearly comes with an attitude, this track is filled with vibes that we are loving. With her EP coming out soon, this little teaser of a track is enough to get us excited for what Betty Who has in store for us.


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