Demur Decks by Mia Seabrook 02.04.2018

Adventure – Lydian Collective

Here is the debut album from nu-jazz band Lydian Collective, and they are everything you would expect and more. Being a collective, there are so many different things happening on this album as everyone within has collaboratively compiled it. Each track is elevating and a pleasure to listen to.

If You Only – Anna Leone

This girl’s voice is as beautiful, as the new visuals for her latest release, ‘If You Only’. Shot a little like a Wes Anderson film, the video features Leone herself in a Swedish town playfully exploring the idea of daydreaming and what you could do in a city with no people. The visuals perfectly match the lyrics, tone and mood of this song and we love it.


Greys – Stella Talpo

Defining where in music this new track fits is harder than you’d think. With elements of neo-soul, jazz and R&B, Talpo is defying genres but we forgive her and her angelic, smokey voice. It isn’t a shock that Stella has been tagged as a noteworthy artist to watch this year having executed her first drop of the year with such perfection.


Cryptic love – Iyamah

Strictly speaking, this is cheating because we’ve told you about this banger before, but it’s just so good we thought we would slide it in here again as there is now a video to go with it. We love the visuals just as much as we love the tune. Featuring Iyamah singing against a red backdrop and the lyrics playfully appearing on the screen this video is simple and yet brilliant.


For The Fuck Of It – Snakehips ft. Jeremih & Amine

Firstly, what a brilliant name for a song! That is not where the brilliance ends though – this track is supported by a continuous beat pattern which perfectly floats the lyrics. Incorporating some of the classic sounding Snakehips vocals, it also features both Jeremih and Amine who bring more complex layers and perfectly polish this track off.


What You May Find – Arctic Lake

Vocals from Emma Foster float over this track like morning mist on a lake. Exploring the depth of human emotion, understanding and thought is the delicately beautiful Arctic Lake. This track is so unbelievably calming it could easily be used for meditation; it is both sophisticated and reflective in ways many artists struggle to attain.


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